Look at all the roses!  I knew these were supposed to be prolific bloomers but I wasn't expecting them so early.
Peter Kevin trimmed them back by 1/3 (as we were instructed) in March and they are filling the bed with flowery gorgeousness.  There are still bits of tulips in the garden but they'll be gone soon.  We also left the stars up.  I couldn't stand taking them down.  I love watching them change color at night.

In other gardening news, we have acquired a fig tree.  My brother dug one up on his property and asked if we wanted it.  Pete loves figs so he jumped at it.  He and El dug the hole and we are now anxiously awaiting any evidence that is survived the transfer.

A random photo from uptown.  Penn Medicine is everywhere!  My Handle with Care partners and I were heading up to a school to demonstrate HwC to the staff.  We passed this building on Penn's campus and I was reminded how ubiquitous the Penn logo is.  It was a gorgeous day and the building reflected the sky perfectly.

We are sprinting toward summer here.  The temps have been very warm and the hymidity has been n the 95% range for a few days.  We are unprepared for this in May.  Memorial Day is next Monday, which makes this weekend Memorial Day Weekend-the unofficial start of the summer season here.  The beaches will be swarming with people this weekend no matter what the weather.  Pasty people who have been inside for months.  

I pulled out our summer clothes on Saturday but I am reluctant to wear a skirt to work just yet.  I am not quite ready to blind people with my fluorescent legs!  I am a very pale person and I do not allow myself to tan any more so I stay pale all year long.  I get used to seeing my very white legs after a while but the first time is usually a shock.

We have plans to take dinner to the park by the river on Saturday.  Sunday is the "all the teams play at once" soccer thing in England and Pk is looking forward to it. And then there are MLS games so he should be set.  He took Friday off and I took a half day.  He's coming over to have lunch with me and a few friends before we start our holiday weekend.
What am I knitting?  Well, some socks from some Madeline Tosh sock yarn that Kylie got in NYC.  It's a limited edition color and only available in the city.  I didn't expect it to stripe and was pleasantly surprised.  It feels like it will wear like iron.  I am spnning when it's not too humid and sewing.  I promised Pk a shop apron and have all the denim I need to make it but denim is hard to work with so I keep putting it off.  Maybe this weekend.....(I keep adding things to the list for the weekend!)

Today is our annual PPD tests for tuberculosis.  They inject serum under the skin and wait to see if you react.  Being a health care institution, we are subjected to these things, along with flu shots every year and a requirement to keep your immunzations current. While I understand it, I feel a bit of resentment that I have to allow them to inject substances into my body.

But enough.  I am looking forward to a long weekend to spend with my honey.  Happy Memorial Day!  or have a good week and a lovely restful weekend!


amy said…
Yup, that's how I feel about getting my kids vaccinated on the government's schedule rather than one that spaces them out in a reasonable way. It's so much to inject into a tiny person's body.

Enjoy the start of summer! And I see you got the pics to come off your phone. :)
Saren Johnson said…
Love the sock, that's such a pretty color.
Galad said…
Love the roses and the sock is pretty too. Have a fun and restful Memorial weekend.
Roxie Matthews said…
Hope the weekend will be safe and pleasant. It's so early this year!

The roses are gorgeous. And the sock rocks!

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