Here it is Friday the 21st of December.  Already.  I wanted to post some photos of our progress on the Space (easier to say than living/dining/kitchen room) but I was absolutely exhausted last night.  The kind of exhaustion you feel down in your gut and just didn't have the oomph to take some decent photos.  Let me just say, I am happy.

And where did this exhaustion come from?  Yesterday was our Holiday Party for the clients.  The hospital's catering dept provided lunch and we set it up and gave it out.  The very generous staff at Hall Mercer donated gifts so that everyone who came got a hot meal and a gift. 

I set up and served.  We saw 150+ people come through the line in about 45 minutes.  It was wild for a while and then settled down.  Our chorus (made up mostly of our clients with Intellectual Disabilites) sang some Christmas songs and there was music and laughter and it was amazinglywonderful.

And tiring!  Being welcoming and warm and friendly and helpful for all those folks takes a lot out of you.  I was ready to go home by 2 but I had work to finish.  Which I couldn't finish because my work computer keeps shutting itself off while I'm working.  Twice I lost work so I called the IS folks who (of course) couldn't find anything wrong.  The nice young man left and 20 minutes later, it shut down while I was in the middle of work.  I called them back.  I think I need a new power supply or fan assembly.  I'm writing on borrowed time here.  My office mate is off today so I can just turn around and use his computer which I'm going to do as soon as I eat my breakfast.

We got home and put down the rug remnant we bought and moved our furniture back into the Space.  We ate dinner in the dining area!  At a table!  It was great.  It's not nearly ready.  The electricity is still not on in the space until Pk finishes wiring the boxes which will either happen tonight or tomorrow. 

But, and this is a big BUT, it looks like a living space and not a construction zone.  The walls and ceiling are wrapped in plastic (vapor barrier on top of the insulation) and there are bare spots of plywood on the floor where there is no rug.  BUT it is warm and dry and that is nothing to sneeze at. 

I have 3 days to put some photos, knick knacks and decorations up and bake cookies and wrap the presents.  It's totally doable.  Pk stopped what he was doing and set up the cd player last night so I could finally listen to holiday music.  That made me feel special. 

I am so looking forward to having the girls here for Christmas Eve and Morning.  The last time Em and Jim were here, we were still open to the sky and backyard so this will be a surprise for them.

My computer is making a funny noise (sounds like the fan is dying a slow painful death) so I'm going to say goodbye for now before I lose all of this.  Pk and I are planning to go out with some friends tonight (we need a break) but if thaf falls through, we'll go out alone. 

Photos of the in-progress space tomorrow.  Happy Apocalypse Day! (I hope there won't be zombies)


DrK said…
well its saturday over here, so there was no apocalypse and im a bit disappointed, yet again! im looking forward to seeing pictures of your space and am glad to hear its ready for you to use for christmas. hope you get some rest too! xx
Kaye said…
It was raining and windy here today. Which usually means at work you have to save every five minutes anyway. Ha ha!
Can't wait to see pics!
Rose Red said…
Being sociable like that really does take it out of you - so tiring!
I wrapped presents listening to Christmas music today, and it really did make a difference!
I might not catch ou again until after Christmas, if so, wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and the very best for 2013!
gay said…
happy apocalyse indeed! all that fuss and all this let down! i am grateful though have a happy and healthy.

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