The first salvo in the Penguinski Games has been fired by Katie.  Our tree is up in the middle of the construction zone and she came ostensibly to pick up a package she had sent here.  When she left, we found this penguin ornament hanging in the tree.  It's not bad.  It's a small globular thing painted to look like a penguin and filled with snowlike glitter.

I'd say she got a direct hit. 

Pk says "it's on.  It's so on."

In other non penguin news, I finished my knitting obligation to El by giving her this pair of socks which I finished on Thursday.

She chose the pattern.  It's the Lacy Mock Cable pattern which is one of those that moves along very quickly.  It was perfect for this yarn since it allowed parts of the colors and shades of purple to come out and be noticed.  The yarn base is smooshy and so are the socks. 

One good part is that El got 8 pairs of handknit socks and a shoulder shawl.  Another good part is that now I can knit something for someone else (or maybe myself) and not feel too guilty about it.  I am working on an absolutely gorgeous pair of socks for me.

The pattern is Skyp socks and the yarn is Zen Yarn Garden in the Vincent Van Goh Fishing Boats colorway.  It's also a smooshy base and they just feel fabulous.  The colors make me smile just to look at them and the yarn is so nice to work with.

The pattern is one I found a long time ago.  Skyp stands for Skip Knit Yo Psso.  It's basically a ribbed pattern with a Psso in the middle.  It's easy to do and looks good in the colorful yarn. 

There is some minor construction going on downstairs.  We have a loose schedule and we're pretty well on track at this point.
Today: soffit gets installed and wiring is done, hurricane clips are attached, insulation is installed
Tonight: all tools are put away,  windows get cleaned, walls get swept and washed down, floors get swept, dining room table is returned to the dining room, drapes are rehung at the front window (yay!!)
Tomorrow: carpet remnant is put in place and some furniture is brought back down, grocery shopping takes place
Monday, Tuesday-not much can happen until the inspector looks at the insulation so we'll be cleaning up outside and finish up any last minute shopping (although most has been done on line)
Wed: We pass inspection, rest of the furniture comes down and the holiday decorations go up. 
Thursday: Baking commences
Friday: Dinner with work friends to celebrate Apocalypse Day
Sat-Monday:  usual pre holiday stuff which includes last minute food pickups (like the roast at the meat market) and baking

This is totally doable.  As long as we keep moving, things will get done.  I'm getting ready to put another load of laundry in the wash and then go outside and clean up some debris. 

I can't wait to put up some holiday things and get out the music.  I miss the holiday music.  And I will be inordinately glad not to have to listen to hammering and sawing all day. 

One more trip to Home Depot to pick up the carpet remnant tomorrow and that should do it for the moment.  I'm still not sure how many days I will be able to take around the holidays but I'm going to take every hour I can to just relax and enjoy my family's company.

Next time, The New Space.


DrK said…
ah yes i think it is time to knit (or finish) something for yourself. both those socks do look very smooshy and im hoping nothing gets in the way of your timetable! looking forward to the finished pix xx
Bells said…
oh don't you just love the feeling that comes from knowing you've done all your gift knitting and you can choose whatever you like!
Saren Johnson said…
Nice job Katie!! Game on. =^.^=
Rose Red said…
I love your penguin wars. Please keep us updated on each salvo!
Hope the schedule is going well. I thought I'd done all my shopping today when I realised I bought two things the same, so have to return one on the weekend, gah!

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