Sorry the dansko link didn't work.  It worked when I posted (I always check it because I'm paranoid about that).  I'll post a photo of the shoes when they get here.  This is one I found online at  They're like closed back clogs.  They fit like clogs and the backs are designed to move as you walk.  Some people find this disconcerting but I've come to really like it.

Today has been an odd weather day.  When I woke up (after almost 12 hours of much needed sleep), I felt better and was sneezing less.  My nose doesn't feel like it's going to come off and my head is clearer.  There was some sun, but lots of dark clouds.  As the day went by, there would be about 2 minutes of downpour and then some clearing and then clouds for a while and then the whole thing would start over.  It made it hard for Pk to do anything outside.  Now, at 7 pm, it's still 70 degrees and windy but hasn't rained for a while.  Weird.

We got the winter clothes down even though the weather is unseasonably warm because I know this won't last.  I washed and folded and put away all the sweaters and sweatshirts and long sleeved things we'll need.  One more load and then all the laundry is done.  I love this.  My closet and drawers are all straightened out and neat.  One weekend soon I have to attack the hall closet.  It's full of old sheets and towels that I didn't want to throw out but are a real mess.

Tomorrow we're going to get a Sunday paper and go to the buffet for breakfast.  If you get there early, you can spread out in a booth and read the paper and eat.  Then it's a trip to the fancy grocery store for some spice Pk is looking for and a trip back to the kitchen store to exchange the beater for the mixer we bought last night.  And then a trip to our local grocery store for our groceries.  I'd like to shop at the fancy store but it's markedly more expensive and they don't have the selection our local store does. 

Whooo.  Here comes the rain again and I swear I hear thunder in the distance. 


Rose Red said…
Sounds like a busy weekend! It's raining here today too, just nice light rain. Good day for snuggling inside with the knitting!
Alwen said…
We had fun in a fancy grocery store, too! (And rain - rain rain rain rain rain, and I drove most of the way).
Bells said…
oh they do look comfy! Do post a photo when they arrive!

your sunday sounds lovely. By my reckoning you should be very nearly at breakfast soon after I type this!
Roxie said…
I love breakfast out. It's my favorite restaurant meal. So glad you are getting your rest and feeling better. May you continue the process!

Nice shoes!

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