As promised, a guest post from Pk. 

Today I'm the guest Blog for my Lovely Wife.

Let me share my impression of her blog from this end. ( I confess I don't read it so I probably don't know what I'm talking about)

Knitting is mostly about socks with the occasional shawl/sweater thrown into the mix. I don't think I really need to say anything else, this to my mind neatly paraphrase the whole caboodle.

Shall we discuss socks?

Socks, socks, socks and more socks. I'm a Thorlo kind of guy, my feet are hot and sweaty. You don't want to stand next to my boots when I take them off. It would seem disrespectful to wrap something made with that much love, skill and craft around my knurly stank'n brogans. I see the work that socks take to create. Been there from start to finish, I've held the yarn in my out stretched arms to wind into balls, test fitted the turn of the heel so I know what it takes to make them. As a family and an individual we use the word "sock" more in week than I did in 6 ½ years in the navy ( leaving out the more profane uses of the word) . There seems to be no end to sock production, other garments just interrupt the flow of sock production.

Knitting has also changed my wife part one

The changes are a little subtle but they are there. Knitting has made her more adventurous and spontaneous. She'll laugh at this but its true, In the last few years we have gone on more wool related adventures then he ever have in 28 year of marriage. She sees sheep and an alpacas as beautiful animals that are great to touch and pet, I see sheep as a food source. Before knitting, they were Zoo animals. I now see sheep as being edible and wearable. Donna Lee has also become more technically proficient with the computer. If she'd learn to swear more I'd say she could be an IT professional. The few swears she knows are very colorful and make me proud .Please note: She also humors me by occasional accompanying me in my pursuit of rust, lumber, and dead people's things (estate sales)

Knitting has also changed my wife part Two

Her circle of friends and acquaintances now spans the globe. Your names are daily topics of conversation. Did you read so- and - so's blog today? Is frequently uttered between mother and daughter when conversing, along with a review of the latest Doctor MacNinja or diesel sweetie comics. You folks figure so frequently and prominently in our lives and conversations that it is like you're either a neighbor or a relative. I know more about you folks then I do some of my closest friends, and way more than family. What really impresses me most about Donnas' blog and this circle of friends is you generosity and warmth you all share. I've never seen or experienced anything like it, separated by distance and time you folks rally around each other and support other. I am truly impressed and awed by you all.

Knitting has changed my life

As knitting has changed Donna it has changed me too. First I get to spend every day with this increditable woman, second I get to benefit from the fruits of her labor, third I get to see the joy spread to my children. In all knitting is a wonderful thing.

I did not edit this (ok, I did fix the spelling) but I left the grammar and syntax alone. 

Thorlos are socks.  They are "the second best socks in the world".  We make sure Pk gets a few pairs for his birthday/Christmas each year.


Bells said…
Wow, PK it is so nice to hear from you! I know my husband enjoyed having a voice when he guest posted for me - and it's so good to hear your 'voice', for you step out of the background and take centre stage.

Your family in particular is a regular feature in conversation here in Canberra too, esp throughout the Alien Spine Baby Saga. Thanks to your lovely wife, you're all part of our landscape, even though you're far away. I love that.

Nice to meet you.
Bells said…
ps my husband used to be anxious about wearing socks too - like it seemed they were too good to wear. Now he knows that if they get worn out, there'll be more to come. Think of us - we knitters need more reasons to knit socks and if you never wear them, we'll run out of reasons to make them for you!
Bezzie said…
Wow. This seals it. I haven't heard "brogans" from anyone but my're like my twin Jersey family!
Em said…
Hi, Dadumms! It was nice to read your contribution, and to see the blogging/knitting phenomenon from your eyes. Also, knitting is not primarily about socks. That's for people who have talent. For those of us without talent, knitting is mostly about big, flat things.
Amy Lane said…
PK! Good to hear from you, dude! I must say, it feels like we know you live and in person as well! And Donna Lee is right--you're a grand sort of mate and a really awesome guy:-)
Rose Red said…
Hey PK! Nice to meet you! Thanks for reminding us why knitting is so good - I think I've had a lot more expeditions and made a lot more friends through knitting than at any other time in my life!
Roxie said…
PK, you rock. I appreciate your intrest in all things rusty, and in pulling beautiful objects out of ordinary trees. And I applaud your willingness to hold Donna's hand all the way to work. You're a lucky man to have her. Oh, and I envy that birthday flight they gave you. Wahoo, dude!
Galad said…
So glad you decided to guest blog PK. It has been such a pleasure getting to know Donna Lee and Em through the blog. They both think you are a great guy so you must be something special :-)
Louiz said…
What a lovely post from PK.
DPUTiger said…
I like Thorlos too. I can't ever picture myself wearing non-store-bought socks to the gym, but I enjoy my handknits more as time goes along as well. I've enjoyed hearing from the family members as you close out Blogtober. Nicely done!
catsmum said…
I'm glad you explained what Thorlos are - was going to ask
PK I'm sure that if there was someone else here to discuss blogs with, you would feature in those convos along with Bells beloved and many other 'significant others' that I feel I know well

Nice to finally 'meet' you
Taphophile said…
Read PK's post out to The Old Flame. He smiled, he nodded in much agreement and went and put on a pair of hand-knitted socks.
Jeanne said…
What a great post - and what a great guy!
Geek Knitter said…
PK, it's wonderful to meet you after hearing so much about you. As an IT professional myself, you're right about the need for swearing... we put it on our resumés.

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