Bringing our baby home from the hospital! Today!

Pk and I were there yesterday when they said the lymph system tests were all normal and the chest tube could come out. They let me stay with Em while they took it out. The Nurse Practitioner who took it out was good and it slid right out. All the IV's were taken out and only the "food" bag was left hanging. They told her when it was done, it would come out, too. So, for the first time in a week, Em could get up and move around without a huge pole riding shotgun.

They started the oral pain meds before they took off the IV ones. They make her very sleepy but eventually, her body will adjust and she'll be awake more. She says the pain came back very suddenly and she wasn't quite ready for the suddenness of it. The hospital staff is very good with pain management so they'll have her feeling good in no time.

We're going to set her up all comfortable and I'm going to make a pot of chicken soup for dinner. We'll probably stay until Jim comes home to take care of her and then we'll leave so she can have some peace. I think that she needs some peace right now. No more beeping machines and vital signs and needles. Just peace and quiet and some good food.

I want to show you photos of the fountain that Pk built for me but that will have to wait until there is some light. Maybe later today. One can only hope.


Geek Knitter said…
More wonderful news! My mother recently spent 10 days in the hospital after lung surgery, and we were all so relieved to get her home.

I'm so happy for you and your family.
amy said…
Good to hear!
Roxie said…
Hooray! Yahoo whoopeee! That must feel like the weight of the world easing off your shoulders. And how wonderful for Em to be home in her own bed with her own things around her. YOu and PK are champion!

Chicken soup and mother's love is the perfect medicine. And maybe a nice thick milkshake with an egg in it.
Dianne said…
I'm so happy that Em is coming home!!! Wonderful, wonderful news. She will feel so much better being in her own environment. Give her a gentle hug from me.
Galad said…
That is great news! I'm sure Em will heal even faster in her own home and with lots of TLC.
Rose Red said…
such good news Donna Lee, hope all is well with the now at home patient.

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