Sorry for the radio silence but we have been so lazy around here. 

Day one of our long weekend, we both felt kind of grumpy and tired so we spent doing hobby related things and trying not to move around too much as the weather had turned hot and humid.  It was the kind of day when your skin feels all sticky and itchy.  I worked on the beads of the edging until I couldn't stand looking at it.  Still not done.

Day two dawned clear and humid but there was a breeze and Pk got up early and worked out and then took my car through inspection.  Here in NJ, the state runs inspection stations and you take your car there (with your proof of insurance and newly renewed registration) and let them look it over.  They check the brakes, suspension, tires, etc.  My car is 16 years old and I wouldn't have been surprised if it failed for something.  It hasn't failed before this.  Today it failed. For what, you ask?  Because the switch that turns on the high beams isn't working properly.  I can't remember the last time I used it.  Pk is looking into buying a new switch and installing it.  If I go back within 30 days, I don't have to go through the full inspection, just the part I failed. 

I got up feeling very "female" today.  Headachy and crampy.  I took some advil, had some chocolate milk (the real breakfast of champions) and worked on some socks.  I am halfway done the foot of the Fire socks for Pk and I started a pair of cotton blend socks in a burgundy/pink/grey/purple self striping yarn in the Sock Wars pattern that I liked so much.  I didn't do any beaded knitting until after dinner. 

Pk is looking for soccer games to watch.  I don't enjoy them but he loves them. Loudly.  He yells and claps and thoroughly enjoys the experience.  This is the weekend he and Kate and El are going to see the USA and Turkey play in person.  They are so excited.  The weather is supposed to be perfect.  I bought the tickets so long ago and the weather has been so quirky lately that we weren't sure.  They can take sandwiches with them if they're wrapped in clear plastic but no beverages of any kind.  They will be forced to pay stadium prices for water or soda.  At least it won't be a scorching hot day. 

My brother invited us to come over while he "chars some flesh on the  grill" on Sunday.  I haven't seem them in a while so we accepted.  He does a good job at the grill so it's not like it's a hardship.  I usually take some desert which involves strawberries and whipped cream.  It's a calories be damned kinda thing.  No one complains.
Monday, we're heading to Em's for more charred flesh.  My family loves grilled foods. I'm taking the carrot cake with me.  Unless it doesn't come out.  Then we'll stop and buy an ice cream cake on the way.

Pk and I like to buy new vegetables when we shop.  Last time, we bought an Asian squash.  At least that's what the guy at the store said it was callled.  We peeled it and them put it on skewers and brushed it with olive oil and some herbs and put it on the grill.  It was good.  I'm not a big fan of squash but in an effort to eat more veggies, I ate it.  The yellow squash we put out there was good, too.  I know I need to eat more fruit and vegetables but I just have a hard time doing it. 

We've been expecting a thunder storm all afternoon.  The NOAA (natl oceanic and atmospheric agency-the weather people) said it would be a doozy with hail and thunder and winds.  So far, nothing.  A brief spurt of rain (30 seconds worth) and now I'm seeing some lightning off in the distance and some far away thunder.  It won't matter.  The front is coming through.  The temp has dropped 20 degrees in the last few hours and tomorrow we'll be lucky if we get to 60 F (15.5 C).  Right now, it's comfortable and cool.  It should be good sleeping weather. 

I saw my doctor for my check up and my bp is fine.  He reassured me that it was ok that I have not lost any pounds yet after all these weeks at the gym.  He asked "how do you feel?".  I told him I felt pretty good.  No more lower back ache and more energy overall.  He said that weight loss would come but for now, my body is building muscle and that's not a bad thing.  And he said "keep it up". 

And so we shall. 

If you're celebrating, Happy Memorial Day!  It's our traditional "first weekend of the summer" but usually too cold to swim.  It won't stop people from flocking to the beach anyway.  Me?  I'll pass.  I'll wait until the summer has really started and I don't need to huddle under a blanket on the sand.  No beach/lake for me until later in June.  Have a good weekend.


amy said…
Breakfast of champions, indeed! I couldn't stomach breakfast as a kid and had chocolate milk--Quik, not even Carnation Instant Breakfast--for much of grade school. I can still remember my fourth grade teacher going on and on about what a good breakfast I must eat every morning, holding me up as some example because I got good grades but having NO facts to back herself up. I still wished I'd pointed out her error, but I was such a good girl then.

Hmm, fruits and veggies. Well, the strawberries count! What do you normally eat? Maybe we can provide some suggestions/recipes for things that are new to you, that we like.
Bezzie said…
I prefer July/August for shore time.

I don't bother with the state-run inspection stations. Why? Because literally every other March my Check Engine Light comes on and I have to take it to the mechanic and I just pay him to do the inspection while he fixes the CEL. I never have time in March to battle the lines at the inspection stations anyway.
Bells said…
it's so great that the gym is doing good things for you. I was thinking about your gym-going today when pondering whether to start myself. In the depths of winter, finding time to go for walks in daylight is pretty hard.
Roxie said…
Stick with the gym. Yay for you! If you feel good and the clothes are getting looser, and the BP is down, then it's working!

Sounds like a good weekend. Enjoy!
Jeanne said…
We had major storms last night up here - I drove home through lightening and it was scary!

I hope you have a nice weekend - the strawberries and whip cream sound good!
DPUTiger said…
Look out for the World Cup. It starts in two weeks. Can't believe it's that soon!

I am also not as good as I should be on fruits and veggies. I should try harder.

As for weight loss, have you done any measurements? I'm a firm believer in measuring every so often. Scales lie. Pants tell the truth. Keep up the exercise. It'll kick in soon!
Anonymous said…
yes a lot more soccer for you to come in june! and muscle weighs more than fat, so you are just busy converting. well done, i have hated not going the last month but am going back tomorrow. enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Galad said…
Good for you on staying with the gym. Between your gym visits and Em's walking, you may inspires me to start one of these days.

My husband will be so jealous about the soccer tickets. We once flew to Ohio from Arizona to watch the US vs. Mexico in a World Cup qualifier. (Back in the days when I had a regular job and disposable income :-)There will be much yelling in my house once the World Cup starts (and another explanation of the offside rule for me)

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