It's been a peaceful weekend.  I spent yesterday doing laundry and dozing and knitting/beading the shawl.  Except for the laundry part, today was much of the same.  I haven't left the house and I'm surprisingly ok with that.

After dinner tonight, I set up my  Mother's Day gift from Peter Kevin.  If you're a spinner, you'll recognize a yardage meter.  I try to estimate how many yards of yarn I've spun by counting the times I've wound it around the niddy noddy but I lose count and then have to start again.  Frustrating.  I have wanted one of these for a long time.  I ordered it Sunday night from Knitpicks and it came on Tuesday!  This is my first measured ball of yarn.  It's 108 g and 580 yds.  It was so cool to watch the numbers go by as I wound the yarn cake.  It's measured in feet so when I got my final numbers, I divide by 3 and have yardage.  Now I have some idea of what I can make with the yarn.

I have managed to finish several repeats of the edging for the shawl.  It was enough for me to see how it's going to look when it's done.  It's so pretty!  I chose to leave off some of the beads and have only 3 rows instead of 5.  It was too heavy with the two extra rounds.  It's tedious going but is moving faster now that I've got the hang of it.  Pk keeps saying he doesn't see any difference but it would have been so obvious when we blocked it.  It wouldn't have stretched evenly and neatly.
I'm listening to Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and it's laugh out loud funny in parts.  I have tried to read/listen to Terry Pratchett's Discworld series but can't get into it.  I've also tried other Neil Gaiman books but wasn't enthralled.  This one, however, has been a joy to listen to all weekend.  Imagine losing the antichrist.  The poor demon. 

It's gotten so still.  It feels like a storm is coming but there isn't rain forecasted until Monday night.  Friday night we were sitting in the bedroom and a thunderstorm came up.  There was one crack of thunder/burst of lightning that made me scream out loud.  I don't scream in a lady like manner, either.  It was a loud AHHHHHH!  We were afraid it was a transformer out back or a tree.  There were sirens for a while after the storm so I guess something somewhere got hit.

I'm goint to put away the beads and pick up something else to knit for a while.  Pk is playing Left 4 Dead (a zombie killing game) and we're just relaxing.  Tomorrow will come so soon.


Roxie said…
the shawl is SOO pretty! And hooray for the yardage counter. Squeee!!

If you're gonna scream, make it count. A girly little "Eeeeee!" is scarcely worth your breath. Glad the lightning didn't hit home for you.

Blessings on your Monday!
amy said…
The shawl is definitely pretty. And you will probably love it all the more because it challenged you.

Don't you love nifty gadgets that make life easier in such little ways? I am still in love with my immersion blender. Such an inexpensive gadget, but it makes such a difference in the kitchen.
m1k1 said…
I have been considering buying a counter for some time now, and wasn't sure it would handle the super cobweb type stuff. Do you know how fine a thread it can manage accurately? Pretty please?
That shawl looks divine.
Rose Red said…
A yardage meter - what a great gift! That will be so handy!

And the shawl - wow - it looks just amazing! I can't wait until you block it, it just looks so gorgeous, well worth all of the time you have put into it.
KnitTech said…
Very pretty shawl. Tell him to trust the knitter, sometimes you do know what you're talking about.
Louiz said…
That edging is lovely. And so is the yardage counter.

We've actually got sunshine today, for the first time in ages!
Geek Knitter said…
I absolutely adore that book. "Have A Nice Doomsday!"

My husband has banned it from my bedside table because the laughing was keeping him awake!
Alwen said…
What a beautiful shawl. It's looking amazing. Of course you wouldn't want to end all that beautiful work with an edging that wasn't quite right.

I love Good Omens, especially the part where Adam gets his dog.
Amy Lane said…
Okay. I am SO on board with this books on tape thing. Now I just have to go buy me some books!

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