I started this on Monday morning but my computer was having an argument with blogger so I couldn't post it. I'm trying to fix it on my ipad. So far it seems to be working!

How was your weekend?  Ours looked a lot like the last 10 days have looked.  Like this.  Whay you may not be able to tell is that is is POURING.  As in like from buckets in the sky.

It has rained every day for the past 10 days (wait, I lied.  It did not rain on Saturday, just got cloudy). 

Can you see the river running down the side of the street?  This is out my front door.  I couldn't step any further out because I was getting wet.  I don't know why that should have stopped me since the humidity has been so high that we live in a constant state of wet.

Pk has been trying desperately to clean out the garage/workshop but every time it starts to dry out enough to move things out onto the driveway, it rains again.  If you are looking for us, we'll be the green people (from the mold) on Maiden Lane.

It makes me want to cry to tell you that the forecast is for more of the same all the way to Friday.  If the sun comes out at all on Friday, we're going to the lake.  After all, if it rains, we'll be in bathing suits, right?

Otherwise, our weekend was good.  I left work early on Friday to have lunch with Pk and some of his work friends.  They are really funny folks.  He had to go back to work and I headed off to get a pedicure/manicure.  My feet are now "I'm not really a waitress" red and looking good. 

We were supposed to go to the grocery store but it was hot and humid and Friday.  We went home and watched movies and ate leftovers.  We are such party hounds.

The shopping got done on Saturday morning and we went to dinner with my brother and his wife at a restaurant with cloths on the tables and very heavy silverware.  No, I'm serious.  If the waitress had dropped one of the butter knives on her toe, it would have broken her toe.  It was so much fun.  No kids, just adult conversation and laughter.  I love my brother.

I had big plans to sew on Sunday but it rained and rained and rained.  The material stuck to the table and to my arms and since it's a wedding dress (and satin is not a very forgiving fabric if I made mistakes), I put it aside.  I'm hopeful there will be some time this week when the rain stops for a while. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be dry so I'll try to get some done. Today we saw this at the train station. I guess it's what you get after all the rain. A good portend for our day. We went to the Apple store after work because the Home button on my ipad wasn't working properly. I was afraid they would say the broken glass voided the warranty but it didn't and they replaced my broken ipad! 

We are going to Pk's sister's for dinner for the Fourth and then the lake and then just a quiet long weekend. 



amy said…
I am dying in this humidity. Dying.
Roxie said…
I really do love the service with the Apple products. It seems that you have somehow gotten the weather we expect on the left coast and we have your hot and sunny stuff. You have been spoiled! This is glorious weather for summer. Hope the rain abates soon for you. Send it back here. We're used to it.
Anonymous said…
wow so much rain! Are your summers always this wet?
Galad said…
I would take a day of your rain right now (but no more than that) I didn't even go out and watch the fireworks from our patio last night. Too hot!

Hope you have a great weekend and at least a little break from the rain.
Saren Johnson said…
We've been having record high heat. I'd rather have the rain.
DrK said…
it rained here all that week too. it looks like raining today. but at least its cold. humidity. ugh. thats all i have to say about that. lets not talk about the frizzy hair. yay for replaced ipads though!

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