Eh Voila! A repaired and embellished pair of pants.  I plan to bring that vine dowm the side of the leg some more but for now, this was enough to fix the hole and make them wearable.  And enough to get me called hippie by my daughter.

I bought several bags of embroidery floss from a 5&10 when it was going out of business.  There were sandwich bags of a dozen skeins of floss for 50 cents.  I bought a large bag full and now have tons of colors I may never use but they often come in handy.

In other sewing, Em's dress is pinned and cut out.  I wanted to put in the invisible zipper last night but it was so hot and humid that I was afraid I'd sweat all over it and the fabric is light enough that the fan was blowing it around.  I'll try again tonight but I'm not hopeful.  We're in the midst of a hot/humid cycle and while it's been really good for the moistness of my skin, not so good for anything else.

Here's Peter Kevin with his Father's Day present.  He wanted a saw so we ordered one from a guy in Wisconsin who operates under the name of Bad Axe.  (those silly woodworkers).  It's from the 1840's and the steel is much thicker and better milled than what we could buy in the stores today.  Mr Axe restores them and sells them for what I think of as exhorbitant prices but Pk assures me are not.

Unfortunately, USPs dropped the box and part of the wooden handle broke off.  Back into the box it went and right out to the post office.  Mr Axe paid for the postage and will fix it and send it back.  His reputation for excellent customer service is intact.

On our Date Night at the bookstore, I finished one of my red socks.  Pk picked out this yarn for me at the store a couple of years ago.  I love this pattern and how it works up (I chose to make the foot plain, sometimes I find that more comfortable in my shoes).  I didn't notice the stripes as I was knitting, must have been the light but when I took the photo, they are obvious.  I thought I had a solid color sock but not so!  It isn't terrible and I still love them, the color is bright red and will look great under jeans, I just wasn't expecting stripes.

I've started the second one but have put it aside to make a baby sweater for one of my coworkers and then a sweater for one of Kate's friends.  I love making the small garments.  They're fairly mindless and so darn cute when they're done. 

I'm disappointed to learn that our town is not having fireworks again this year.  I'm afraid that now that they've been out of the town budget for the last three years, they'll never make it back in.  I know they're frivolous and there are other more important things to spend our limited funds on but I miss fireworks.  Other towns have them and we could trek around and find some but there's something about making the picnic dinner and walking to the high school and sitting in the early twilight eating and talking to neighbors and then watching the display.  I miss it.

Pk and I have a quiet 4th planned.  We'll go to his sister's house for a bit and then to the lake on Friday (which we both took off from work).  We've tried for years to get into the lake on the 4th but have never gotten in.  It's always at capacity when we get there and we get there early.  Those people must get up in the dark and get in line.  Not worth it to me.  We'll go the day after and it will be just as nice (if the sun comes out).

If those are the worst things to happen to me then I'm a lucky woman.  No real complaints here, just whining as I sit in my overly a/c'd office and get ready for a paperwork day.

Happy Tuesday all!


amy said…
I wonder what your daughter would say about my jeans! The ones with multiple colorful embroidered patches and the line of poetry embroidered going down the leg... :) I love your jeans. My colorful jeans make me happy when I wear them.
Galad said…
Your jeans patch brings back happy memories of my teens :-) I think they are very cute.

I have some baby sweaters to knit also. I love that they are adorable and quick.
Rose Red said…
I think your embroidery is very cool. And totally does not look like a cover up for a rip! Very clever.

It's funny how photographs make stripes and pooling so much more obvious than in real life. And then once you've seen it, you can't unsee it.
Saren Johnson said…
Those are lovely red socks.

People in our neighborhood set off fireworks and we stay home and watch those. Not as grand, but just as much fun.
Roxie said…
Love your stripy red sock. Good choice, PK!

The public fireworks displays around here are being cut back, but the private, illegal flash-bangs increase. Maybe someone could organize the local idiots into firing off all their explosives in a systematic fashion.
Olivia said…
Beautiful embroidery mending! It's the sort of thing I tend to imagine I can do, but I find I don't quite have the skills to carry it off. I do mend clothing often and really get so much satisfaction out of being able to do that. But embroidery, I think I need to practise.
DrK said…
you know i wouldnt have noticed that stripe at all if you hadnt mentioned it! what a gorgeous pattern and that red. i laughed out loud at bad axe too. i love your embroidered jeans, i think thats a trend we need to bring back!
Anonymous said…
oh I do mean to learn embroidery. My recent foray into patching Alice's pants has got me all keen to try and do pretty things. How lovely.

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