A few years ago, I bought a new pair of jeans.  The first time I wore them, I tore the knee on something and was not-very-happy.  I sewed the hole and embroidered some flowers and vines on the repair and no one was the wiser. 

I even added some extra flowers and vines last weekend with the intention of making them more decorative.  I love these jeans.

And then today, early this morning, I left one of my desk drawers open and when I got up from my chair, I hit the sharp edge of the drawer and (insert sigh here), I did it again.

You can see some of the other embroidery there in the bottom of the photo.  I've stitched the hole with some black thread that I keep in my desk (yep, needles, thread, hammers, screwdrivers, glue, tape, tampons, baby powder-- I was a Girl Scout for 11 years , being prepared never goes away) so it doesn't rip any further. 

I'll embellish the repair when I get home.  I'll bring the vine down and add some more flowers.  No one will ever know it's functional beauty.

I makes me feel vaguely like a hippie.  I remember when self embroidered jeans and shirts were all the rage, the more colorful and creative, the better.  I embellished some denim shirts for Pk when I was in college, and being the good boyfriend he was, he wore them.  I asked if he wanted one last weekend and the answer was a resounding NO.  He's not in love with the embroidery.  It doesn't fit in with his manly image.

As for the "infusing every situation with love" thing yesterday.  I did about average.  I was pleasant and upbeat but was not feeling any sort of love for the coworker who dumped what should have been her job right on top of my head (and was snotty in the process).  I shook it off but then she had the temerity (or just cluelessness) to ask how it went later.  I tried to stay in the moment and stay positive and loving but it was a real test. 

The glass screen for my ipad is coming from China and will take 6 weeks to get here.  I figure someone is walking across Asia and then Europe and then will row it in a boat across the Atlantic.  Expedited shipping was 30 dollars (which was more than the cost of the item) and somehow it doesn't sound quite so bad anymore......

But, it's Friday and that usually means good things.  Pk and I are having a quiet date night and then watching the last two episodes of The Fall on Netflix.  Very creepy killer and Gillian Anderson as a bright but very flawed DSI.  And I will, of course be pulling out the embroidery floss.......


Roxie said…
Love the way you take accidents and make decoration with them! This is a lemonade approach to life.
DrK said…
oh i loved the fall, she is so great in it. i can never get enough Gillian :) i remember embroidered jeans, i believe i even had a pair, with flowers on the flares. oh those were the days. life would be so much easier without co-workers somedays, wouldnt it? sigh.
Saren Johnson said…
I started watching the Fall last week. I couldn't place who she was until the credits. She's aged very well.

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