In the ever going saga that is our health issues this summer, I spent the weekend in a dim, quiet room.  Yes, I had a visit from the migraine fairy.  About an hour after I fell asleep on Saturday night, I woke up with a blinding headache.

Now, I don't know about you, but in my life when you have a headache, you take a pill and it goes away.  That is the natural order of the thing.  Not this headache.  It said, "Ha!  I laugh at you and your puny acetaminophen/asprin/caffeine concoction!  You can not vanquish me!"  And it was right.  After trying every remedy I could think of (and thinking is very difficult at that point), I came to the conclusion I had to wait it out.  It took until Monday for the pain to let up enough to be able to focus my attention. 

When I was able to pay attention to my surroundings, I was restless.  My cotton candy pink fingernails (the manicurist talked me into them "for the summer") were itchy to do something different.
 They look really nice in this photo, don't they?  I am not thrilled with them in person but will not soak them off until the weekend.  One of the problems with a gel manicure is that you have to soak your fingertips in acetone to remove the polish.  I soak cotton balls with the stuff and put them on my nails and wrap them with foil.  It takes about 30 mins and then you can scrape the stuff right off. 

Fortunately, as a long time crafting person, I had ample things to choose from and eventually landed on the Christmas Tablecloth (you know, the one I've been working on for over 20 years?). 
It's a stamped cross stitch design with four angels on the corners and a center design.  I enjoy it but get easily bored.
 Since I don't pull it out very often, I have to reacquaint myself with the materials and the directions and the charts.  It's beautiful and I am taking my time so that it's done well and one day will grace my holiday table (or at this rate, the holiday table of my great grandchildren).

I worked on it for a bit but it was a bit difficult to pay attention to.  Have you ever seen a chart for a cross stitch? 

It looks like this.  Each letter/symbol identifies a color or type of stitch.  This is actually not a very complicated one since there are great swaths of the same color involved.  My recovering brain was not up to the task.  I enjoyed working on it and I think I'll pull it out some more soon.

Before the migraine set in, I finished a fingerless mitt for one of Pk's coworkers.  She coaches women's sport at a local college and has a big birthday coming up.  I thought anyone who spent a lot of time outdoors might like a pair of mitts so I found a pattern that is feminine but not too girly.

They're the Christina mitts made with superwash/nylon yarn dyed by Roxanne at Zen Yarn Garden.  (You should see this month's offering for the Artwalk group.  It's gorgeous and I can't wait for it to come). 

 This pattern was fairly easy and I generally like it except for the way the edges roll.  They are finished off with three rows of purled stitches which rolls just like stockinette would have (duh).  I am thinking of pulling it out and putting in an inch of ribbing instead.  I think it will make it lie smoother.  I think she intended the edges to roll but I don't like it and isn't that the beauty of making something yourself?   

I am still waiting to hear if Em's dress is acceptable.  The suspense is making me anxious.  Pk and I are having dinner with Jim's folks tonight to discuss the food for the party.  I know it's supposed to be bbq and that's about it.  Oh, and I am supposed to make potato salad for 35.  (I'm hoping to get Kate to make half of it.  I'll buy the materials and it would be great if she could make some, too).

I stood in front of the mirror this morning and cut off an inch and a half off the bottom of my hair.  The stylist has always left the length (at my direction) but I noticed yesterday that it was getting on my nerves.  After my shower this morning, I took the scissors and cut my hair.  I like it.  It skims my shoulders in curls and waves.  Peter Kevin didn't notice but if he did, he would have told me to go to the salon.  My feeling is that it's only hair and will grow back.  I think he has nightmares about the time years ago that I cut his hair (it was bad).  My hair, being curly, is more forgiving.  I can hack off parts of it and it's ok. 

The weather broke and we have had some lovely summer days.  We haven't been able to make the most of them due to Pk's work schedule.  He has deadlines and there's a mild shake up at work so he's feeling a bit of stress.  I'm going to see if we can do the "order the groceries online and pick them up already bagged" at the store thing.  I don't know what they charge and I will go in and choose my own meats but maybe it could make the whole grocery thing a bit easier this week.

 That's about it for me.  Life is exciting as always.....


DrK said…
erg, that headache sounds awful! i love your nail colour though, im yet to go the gel route because im terrible at keeping them neat. i want blood red i think!. i bet she loves the dress, cant wait to see pix. take it easy ad stay away from supermarkets is my advice xx
Roxie said…
I imagine the migraine fairy as being a dirty, bearded biker with yellow teeth, (a couple of them missing on one side) and a bad hangover. I find a hot water bottle comforting. It does nothing to mitigate the pain. I just find it comforting.

Can't you just paint another color over your nails? I do love the cotton candy color, though.

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