"All situations teach you, and often it's the tough ones that teach you best."

~Pema Chödrön

Ah, the all important thought for the day.  This one is so appropriate for today.  Let me recap the last 24 hours for you.
Not a bad day at work yesterday, although to be truthful, I didn't get much work done.  I figured out how to use the ShopRite "order your groceries and pick them up at the store" feature (which took an embarassing amount of time).  I finalized it this morning and we'll pick the food up (and pick out our meat products-I wanted to pick out my own) this afternoon after work.
Pk and I had dinner with Jim's folks, Jim and Terry.  We met with the caterer who we engaged to provide the food/service for Em and Jim's wedding in September.  They want BBQ styled food and we got them everything they wanted plus some more.  It sounds like it will be delicious.
I am making potato salad and providing a cheesecake (Jim asked for this and the caterer will bring other small finger food type deserts).  Why am I making potato salad?  Because I happen to make the BEST POTATO SALAD IN THE WORLD.  At least Em thinks so and that's what counts.  The caterer will transport it all down to the shore for me as long as I get it to her before the Friday before the wedding.
I called Em later last night and after some hemming and hawing, she admitted that while she really likes the dress, it didn't make her feel like it was a Wedding Dress.  She didn't want to ask so I offered to make a different dress for her.  So the search is on for the perfect pattern and material.  She has about 2 weeks to find/purchase everything because I need the rest of the time to sew and finish another dress.  As soon as she makes her final decision, I'll show you the dress that was not meant to be.  With some minor alterations, it will make a nice special occasion dress for her.
I tried to make a reservation at one of the only hotels with vacancies close to where we want to be for Friday and Saturday nights but was told that there was a 3 night stay (at 165 dollars a night).  We really only need one night but were going to take two and go down on Friday night but I'm not sure now.  I don't want to pay another almost 200 dollars for a motel when we had no plans to be there.  And I don't want to burn another vacation day since we want to save time to hit the west coast next spring (if Pk gets a bonus like usual) and the holidays will be here before you know it.....
I'll search some more today but am not feeling positive about it.  I took some Benadryl (antihistamine) last night for all the loose congestion in my head (damn allergies).  As usual, it worked like a charm but I am paying for that by swimming through fog this morning.  I know it will wear off soon but woohwee it's tough. Fortunately, it's a light day. 
I know what I will be doing for the next few weeks.  You?


amy said…
I am listening to one of her CDs right now and reading one of her books. She's going to help me deal with uncertainty.

I'm sorry about the dress. It seems even the simplest weddings run into complications. I tried to keep mine as simple as possible and still encountered stress.
Galad said…
Em is very lucky to have such a creative and loving mother :-)
Roxie said…
What Galad said, with KNOBS on! And you are lucky to have an honest and brave daughter. If it's a barbecue, maybe she could go with something like muslin - summery, light, easy to sew and really, very very pretty. Or crinkled gauze? Satin is such a beast to work on.

Have you found your dress yet?

I love the sound sleep I get with Benadryl, but I hate those dopey morning-afters.

So how did the grocery pick-up go?
DrK said…
its nice to hear you have a relationship with your daughter where she can be honest with you and you can take it on board and still want to help, rather than explain to her where the closest bridal shop is :) and yes, what about your dress? i can see why people get stressed about these things, so many little things to think of. next time im over there you're making me that potato salad, because i love potato salad and happen to make quite a good one myself!
Saren Johnson said…
You are one of the best Mommies in the world.

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