It's that time of year again and today we went to get our tree.  It's a nice size around and not so tall 
That we'd have to cut a lot off the top.  For the first time, we had to have a tree delivered.  It was too fat to fit through their baler.

It is now standing in the living room and it you take a deep breath, you can smell pine.  It's wonderful.  I am having a hard time accepting that it will be Christmas in just over 2 weeks!  

I have decoratedusing lots of hand made things we have collected over the years.  My cousin made this handsome fellow and my uncle made this one
Before I was born.  It's a candle.  He used to put wax into rubber balls as molds and then whip some wax to make loose snow.  My mother gave him to me when I got married.  I look for him every year.

And of course the very 1970's styled tree that my Aunt Joan made and gave to me just before she died.  
I saw one that looked just liked it at the flea market.  It makes me miss her every year.

We well be curtailing our Christmas a little bit since Peter kevin lost his job last week.  He's got a few leads and we are feeling optimistic.  I'll be taking my usual week off from the 23rd (also known as Christmas Adam) and going back on the third of January.  I look forward to pajama days with some knitting I have been putting off and some spinning and perhaps a trip down to Winterthur.  

The girls will come for Christmas Eve and we'll decorate the tree and then exchange our pollyanna gifts.  After that, we have no plans just like normal.  

Are you ready?


Olivia said…
Ha, not ready but I never am! We have a wreath up on the front door. That will do for now. So sorry to hear about PK's job. I hope it's not too long before one of those leads works out.
Saren Johnson said…
I have some plans, but nothing started.

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