The Delware River at 7 am.  You can see the ice cubes and see the paths where the ships have broken through the ice.  It looks so cold.  Today we are starting out at 12F (-11C) and if the sun shines, we'll get up to 30!
I think I am tired of being cold.  We have a month until spring.  I think we're all tired of complaining about the cold but we've only been above freezing once or twice in Feb.  I think that's enough (although I wouldn't be too upset if we had a BIG snowstorm-it wouldn't stick around too long at this point).

This is Peter Kevin and I  out front in the snow last Saturday.  We got about 6 inches of snow and then it sleeted on top of that so it's all been one big ice rink.

My leg is doing better.  I can feel the cyst and it's sore to the touch but that may continue to improve as time goes on.  When the weather improves, I am going to start walking some every day and then riding my bike (if my knees hold up).  I need to strengthen my body a bit and lose some weight.
This is what we're waiting for!  Tulips and daffodils and crocuses-color!  The snow has a beauty of its own but it's stark.  My eyes are hungering for color.

Maybe it's leftover stimulation from vsiting the art museum a few weeks ago with Kylie.  I love modern art and they have a good collection.  Pete loves the impressionists so we saw both.  All those colors, soft and bold and gorgeous.  Made this white/grey landscape seem dreary.  The most colorful thing in our neighborhood is the Stop sign.  We have left up our snowman lights with the color changing stars behind them.  Who says lights are only for Christmas?

Look how the little snowmen are sitting on the snow.  Just like they belong.

I am anxiously waiting for the rose bushes to come back but until then, the stars will have to do.


Galad said…
Your snowmen and stars look perfect with the snow. I always wish people would leave the lights up longer :-)

Stay warm!
Olivia said…
What a cute photo of you two! I am guessing you weren't outside for long though - where are your hats and scarves?!
Saren Johnson said…
Winter will break soon. Then we'll be complaining about the heat. (and smoke)

Great picture of you two.

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