It's only 15 days untii Spring.  Someone should wake Mother Nature and tell her.  It will be DST this weekend and we'll still have several inches of snow on the ground.  I don't remember this happening  before.
Peter Kevin and I planned to stay home this morning but we got up and it was only raining (It was 35 degrees).  We went to work.  By the time I got off the train, it was snowing.  Big, fat, wet flakes.

I watched it come down and was glad I was at work.  Our temps will fall into the below freezing (as in single digit F) overnight and all of this will freeze hard.  That will make it harder to get to work tomorrow.  I transferred my requested day off from today to tomorrow.  Now, I can sleep in and ignore the snow and ice in the morning.  It's snowing hard now, close to an inch an hour.  It's beautiful but what a mess.
This is Philadelphia as I was leaving at noon.  Locust St never looked so beautiful! 

This was Monday morning as we left the house.  Just gorgeous.  You can see that we still had snow on the ground then.  But the sunrise was spectacular.  

Life here has not been exciting.  Pk is working at his new job.  He mostly likes it.  There are some bits that drive him crazy.  But I think we can all say that about our jobs.  My workplace has decided that I had too many "occurrences" in the past year and I have been given a verbal coaching.  I can't call out until sometime in September when my occurrences fall away.  So, let's hope for a healthy spring and summer!  If I called out sick, it's because I WAS SICK.  I don't play around with that.  And I don't bring germs into the workplace.  Or rather, I didn't because I will be dragging my sick ass into work regardless of how I feel for the next 6 months or so. And if I spread germs, so be it.  

This yarn is as bright in person as it is in this photo.  It is a merino/silk/cashmere blend and it feels just gorgeous to touch.  It will be fun to work with after this
This is the first one of Pk's Architect of Rivendell socks.  They are not complicated (despite having 3 charts and having a unique gusset design) and they are so cool looking.  But they are very grey.  Unrelenting grey.  Our winter world has faded down to grey and white and black.  The only color out the front window is the Stop Sign on the corner.  The red yarn (Andy Warhol's Stamped Lips was the inspiration) is such a welcome departure.  I've even been spinning grey.  Peter Kevin took apart my spinning wheel and cleaned and oiled it.  She looks brand new and all spiffy but now needs to settle down and get readjusted to my favorite settings.  I'm saving my 2 oz of bison for when it's all back in order.

So, how is Almost Spring treating you?  Some people have told me they have FLOWERS.  Flowers!  I seem to remember having some flowers in March.  But not this year....


amy said…
March isn't spring, and if I let myself think it will be, I only get disappointed. We've had three snowstorms this week alone. Speaking of calling out sick, my 6yo has had a low-grade fever all week, and school is just as stupid when it comes to these things as employers are. Everybody treating us like idiots who can't manage our own health, hmm?
Saren Johnson said…
All that snow is hard on the soul. Did I mention we have flowers? No? I won't because that would be mean.

I love colorful sunrises (and sunsets).
Galad said…
Growing up in Iowa I remember flowers in April but March was usually cold, wet and windy. Our part of AZ is supposed to hit 90 degrees next week and I'm so not ready for the heat yet!

Love the red yarn and the socks look awesome.

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