Good morning!  Although if you don't look at the clock, you might be deceived into thinking it's actually still evening since it's so dark in the morning.  It's rather disorienting to walk out of the house and have it be night time at 6:30 in the morning.  DST kicks my butt every year for about a week.  Then my brain comes to terms with the level of light and all is well again.

And it was 45 degrees (7.2C) this morning.  Slightly diifferent from the 7F we had just one week ago.  I think it will be a balmy 65F (18C) this afternoon.  It's nice not to have to wrap up in wool from head to toe to leave the house.
Kate heard me when I said I needed some color and when we got home from grocery shopping, there were some lovely tulips waiting for me.  They add a bit of hope that Spring will come soon.
Here's a pile of some of my latest hand spun.  I am thinking that if I mix  the greys with some of those colorful yarns, I could have some interesting colorwork pieces.  I have enough to make a chula style hat or some mittens for next year.  These are all waiting for a bath.  It should be dry enough this weekend to throw them all in some wash and then whack them a bit and hang them to dry.

People make a big deal out of the power surges and irritability of menopause and while I'll admit that both of those are a pita,  I think hands down, my least favorite part (not counting the periods that ambush you out of no where) is the random insomnia.  I couldn't sleep for 2 nights.  I slept well last night but today I could put my head down on the desk and sleep for an hour.  This is frowned upon here as ou can imagine. It will be a struggle to stay awake today.

Sorry for the shortness of the post but suddenly it's gotten busy and I have to go do my job.  Happy Hump Day all!


Saren Johnson said…
Love the hand spun, those colors will pop in the grey.

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. They are cheerful by themselves.
Olivia said…
Your handspun is looking so beautiful. Lots of potential there.

We are at the other end of daylight savings. I am a huge fan (and not normally an early morning person) but today I had to walk the dog just after 6am and it was pitch dark. So it's nearly time for the clocks to change back.

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