One of the prizes I get for getting up in the dark and heading for work while it's still dark, is that I get to see things like this
as I make my way into work.  The moon is just a sliver there in the distance but you can see the gorgeous clear Maxfield Parish blue sky and the sun just waiting for her cue to enter the scene.  It almost makes up for all that darkness.

I finished a sweater for the baby-to-be of one of my interns.  I really like this pattern.  The leaf design is knitted on at the same time as the front is being knit so there is no edging.  Just a simple button band since the button holes are also knit as part of the patterned edge.  This is called Cascade and I made it out of Knitpicks palette in Hollyberry.  It's such a pretty red, not at all what I would usually choose for a baby but I think babies must get tired of pastels.

Speaking of tired, I found out that my thyroid levels are very out of whack and that might explain why I continue to gain weight without eating much food and why I am so tired all the time and why, even though I am still having the ubiquitious power surges, I am cold (especially my hands and feet) all the time. I've done the ultrasound thing with negative results so now it's just playing with my meds to find a good dosage.

Tomorrow is Spring here in NJ and we are going to celebrate it by enjoying a 3 inch snowfall (and 26F temps today).  It was a balmy 65F on Tuesday!  People pulled out shorts and flip flops-a bit premature if you ask me-and tomorrow we will once again be in winter boots.

We're hoping to pick up our car tomorrow (after a rather expensive clutch job) and then take Em's Jeep back to her.  This will be a busy weekend with the usual chores and Pk has a weeklong training that starts on Sunday.  Sunday!  Who does that? Evidently, his employer.  I'll spend the day putzing around. I'll have to try to give him a chance to do that on Saturday so he gets some downtime.

Otherwise, things are just moving along.  My office mate just came in and the first words out of his mouth were a complaint.  Time to put my "ignore the annoying person" skills to use.

Have a happy Thursday!


Olivia said…
I really love the colours in your top photo. And I adore bright colours for babies - I think your red cardigan is just lovely in both colour and design.
Saren Johnson said…
I've got a window seat that I can watch the sun rise from. Best part of my day.

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