I can't seem to stop myself from taking these early morning photos of my walk into work.  Maybe because I know this light is fleeting and that the colors will be gone in a few weeks.  I have noticed that 
the sky is significantly lighter when we walk out the door, which is helpful when you're leaving the house at 6:30.
This is the view from 9th and Locust right where I come up from underground off the train.  That tall building is an apartment building and the square-ish one on the corner is a Greek "old age" home (yes, people around here call it that).  The hedge in front of the building is the home of some little brown birds (lbbs).  They are the cutest things.  If they're all in the hedge, it's like the hedge is singing as you walk by.  Lots of twittering.  It is smile provoking every day.
My Aunt Joan was a holiday sort of person.  She never met a holiday she didn't like and she had decorations for each and every one.  I wonder what happened to them when she died but maybe it's best not to know.  I was the recipient of many holiday themed things (and not just penguins) which included this creamer and sugar bowl.  I had forgotten about them.  For some reason, I went digging through the Easter box (what?  you don't have a box of stuff for each holiday?)  and wrapped in newspaper and nestled in some colorful baskets were these.  I pulled them out and washed them.  We are hosting dinner on Sunday and I am going to use them.  Even if they never hold sugar or cream, they are reminders of the woman who celebrated life.  I have also put bunny paw prints on the windows and untangled the Easter tree.  Just a bit of spring in the middle of all the freezing temps.
After I gave the sweater to my pregnant intern, my other intern (who is older and already has children) said, " I wish I'd known you when I was pregnant".  This made me think that maybe she should be the recipient of some knitted joy.  I pulled out a skein of merino/cashmere/silk and am making her a pair of fingerless mitts as a thank you for all that she's done this year.  I know she got a lot out of working here but I also got a lot out of working with her.  They are beginning the process of letting go and will all be gone by the end of April.  I love having students.  They bring such enthusiasm and help remind me why I do what I do.

This week will mark a year since Peter Kevin lost his job and our life flipped upside down.  It's been a tough year but as Pete said this morning, "we're still standing".  Life is not the same today.  He has a job and we are adjusting to having less money (sucky but better than nothing) to spend.  He gets calls once in a while and puts out resumes but it's less urgent and there is less stress.  In less than a year when we've paid off the mortgage, it will ease up more.  

As for me, I am keeping track of my occurrences so I don't enter into the disciplnary process.  It's a rollling year so one dropped off yesterday.  Three more need to drop off before I am out of serious trouble and four or five have to drop off before I can be sick.  This led me to come to work with a raging respiratory infection last week so I could request a vacation day to stay home and be sick.  Yes, I know how absurd that sounds.  I am still fighting off the end of the cold.  Pete's in a new environment and like a kid in a new school, he is bringing home All The Germs.  

There are no real buds on the trees yet.  I guess it's not too surprising when it looked like this
only 10 days ago.  We have bulbs coming up and a few hardy crocuses are blooming but I think Easter will not be as colorful as it has been in the past. 
 Today we will be on the hunt for some decent kielbasa for Easter.  Our former place closed and we're hoping the Polish deli will be able to become our new supplier.  I will be cooking and baking most of the weekend and I'm looking forward to it (mostly- I do like my quiet weekends).

I hope you all are healthy and happy and enjoying this transitional season.  Not too cold, not yet hot, just right.


Galad said…
The morning light is so soft and beautiful.

I've been approved for a 2 semester MSW internship starting in late August with a behavioral health center. Maybe I should suggest some knitting would be in order :)
Saren Johnson said…
I really love the sunrises colorings.

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