The mammograms went fine.  Yes, there were several shots.  I was in the waiting room, wearing my classy pink gown and they kept asking for more exposures.  And I got a beautiful pink and white bag (can you tell what month it is?) to put my clothes in while my breasts were being squeezed.

The end result is vascular calcification.  Microcalcification has been linked to breast cancer but they don't think I have anything to worry about right now.  "We" will watch it which means mammograms every 6 months instead of every year or so. 

October is almost over and I still haven't gotten my period.  This is the first month THAT has ever happened when I wasn't pregnant.  (Pk had The Operation years ago, so if I'm pregnant, there's some s'plainin to do).  I am also having some mild power surges.  I guess I won't be the oldest woman in the Guiness Book to still get a period.  And now the countdown begins.

This is six and one half inches of the body of my sweater.  I've been working on it a bit at a time while I watch some dvds.  It's coming along.  I have 14 inches of plain stockinette stitch before the sleeves get added and we see how the yoke stitches look.  I'm pretty pleased with it but with such a small needle, it's taking quite a while.  The fabric is thick and will be warm. 

When Kate bought her loom, I gave her a bunch of bits and bobs and odd skeins of yarn, some of it handspun.  This is what she did with some of it.  I spun the green/blue yarn and she added some plain grey wool and wove a scarf which she gave to me.  It's soft and really pretty.  She has really taken to this weaving thing.  I can see where she's going to outgrow the Cricket loom very quickly. 

Pk and I are skipping the debate tonight.  We're both tired (not much sleep last night) and the thought of trying to figure out what two supposedly intelligent men really mean as they tap dance around questions is beyond me right now. 

I just finished downloading some books to my Walkman and am going to knit for a short while longer and then go to bed before I fall asleep with the needles in my hands (not the first time I've done this).


Anonymous said…
Glad the mammogram went ok. Sorry you have to have them more often though.
Kate's weaving looks great!
amy said…
Thank you for letting us know. So glad it all went okay. I love the weaving; it's on my Someday List. And I, too, have knit myself to sleep more than once. :)
Roxie said…
At least you don't have to wait a week to get your test results. I always take a fluffy shawl with me because sitting around in that thin gown is too chilly, and I want a cuddly binkie for comfort.

Hooray for good results. And welcome to menopause.

The scarf is fabulous for a first try. Her edges are magnificent!
Kaye said…
Hooray-ish I that you have to go in twice yearly instead of once. Better than the alternative I suppose.

Love that scarf! She's a natural!
Galad said…
Thanks for the update and glad the news was relatively good. I've been checking the blog regularly and sending positive vibes your way :-)

Beautiful scarf! Looking forward to seeing what she does next.
DrK said…
i am really glad to hear the results are ok, and i hope and pray they stay that way. and im glad you're surrounded by pretty pieces of hand made fibre, i hope they make you smile xx
Olivia said…
Well I'm glad it's not bad news. And I'm admiring the beautiful pieces of fabric both you and Kate are making!

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