Thank you for the anniversary wishes.  We had a nice evening and then came home to find the report from the radiology place where I have my mammogram done (I was a very good girl and got it done early this year and didn't have to call for another referral since I let the first one lapse).  I had the 'gram done on Monday and this was Wednesday.  I wasn't expecting results quite so soon.

And I wasn't expecting results that said they recommended I have more tests done.  THAT spoiled the mood of the day.  After a few tense days, I finally talked to the dr's office and the original tests showed "calcification" which is obscuring something.  I need to have the mammogram redone and then an ultrasound.  It's all scheduled for Monday. 

I've been through something like this before and I asked the dr's office if this was the same thing and she said "no".  This time it's different.  At least the radiologist will read the test results and tell me what they say before I leave the facility on Monday.  I won't have to wait.  I guess because it's considered a "diagnostic" test as opposed to a "screening" test.  At first I was worried and nervous and sick to my stomach.  My mother had a breast removed and of course my mind went to the worst place.  Today, I am much calmer, now that I've had some time to absorb everything.

I KNOW that it's probably nothing and that the odds (while not amazingly wonderful) are still in my favor but I also know that no amount of wishing/hoping will change whatever is going on and the best way to deal with it is just to deal with it and whatever comes after. 

This is a long explanation for why I have been kinda quiet.  My brain is refusing to focus on anything simple, like, say, blog writing.  That and Pk has been working late for the last two weeks and by the time we get home and have dinner, I'm just tired and don't pull out the computer.  Things at work are just plain weird.  We all know that there are folks that have been laid off but we don't talk about it.  It's the elephant in the room.  And it will stay this way until the 30th. 

There have been some good things, lest you think life is all doom and gloom.  We spent Sunday afternoon at WoodsEdge Farm (I'd link it but I'm at work and blogger doesn't play nice with our browser).  They have llamas, alpacas and yaks.  I took my spinning wheel and Kate took her loom and we sat on the porch and spent some quality time with the lovely fall weather and some soft as a cloud alpaca roving.

My brother and his family came as well and I taught my niece and nephew how spinning wheels work.  Maggie (who is 12) picked up the idea fairly well and seemed to like it.  Daniel (who is 7) just wanted to treadle fast enough to achieve lift off.  He couldn't have cared less about the fiber, just the movement of the wheel.

The alpacas were friendly (we were feeding them) and it was so cool to see a whole herd of llamas wandering from pasture to pasture.  You usually see one or two at a show but a whole herd!  They were majestic.

The shy stars of the day were the yaks.  And I mean shy.  They were coming out of their enclosure and heard us walking over and literally ran away.  It was interesting to watch something that large run away from us.  I got a few photos but mostly of yaks running away.  As we were leaving, I spotted the youngsters in their pen and tried to take a photo of them.  I heard (and then saw) what I think may have been Mama in the enclosure and she was making noises of displeasure so I backed off.  She is considerably larger than me and there was only a board fence between us.

My brother and Pk were interested in the meat and so we bought some yak steak and some stew meat.  Kate bought some burgers.  Pk and Kate decided that while the meat was good, it wasn't good enough to justify the exhorbitant price. 

I have photos of this beautiful day but they're home.  Hopefully, we'll get home early enough tonight that I'll still have working brain cells and I'll share them.

So, as you can see, life goes on.  It's not all good nor is it all bad, it just is. 


amy said…
Donna Lee, thinking of you all. I'm glad you shared. I'll be waiting to hear, when you're ready. xo
Roxie said…
Praying hard for you. Hoping they find nothing in the shadows. You will be OK. Hugs and support.
Kaye said…
Did you get to see all the adorable baby alpacas too? If those don't take your mind off things, I don't know what will!

Thanks for the review on the yak meat too--I considered buying it and now I"m glad I stuck to buying roving instead ;-)
Saren Johnson said…

Sending you warm thoughts.
Galad said…
Sending positive thoughts and hugs
Galad said…
Sending positive thoughts and hugs
Anonymous said…
I hope everything goes ok for the follow up test. Thank goodness for lovely yarn and fibre adventures to take your mind elsewhere.
I know what you mean about your nephew trying to achieve liftoff! C is the same with my ballwinder (which I don't let him play with when I'm actually winding yarn!)
DrK said…
i hope you get only good news on monday donna lee. there can only be good news left in the universe this week. thinking of you.

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