I am an official ravelry member. My dark side alter ego is donnalee57. Rosered already found me. I'm trying to stay off so I can accomplish something today. I have a feeling it could be a HUGE time suck if I let it. Like the internet isn't already.


Bezzie said…
Honestly? I barely get over there once a day.

Enjoy this "cooler" weather!
Galad said…
I joined the dark side to with the original name of galad. I haven't done much of anything with my site yet because I can see that it could suck up a gazillion hours.

I love to read what other people are doing and see all the cool ideas. Have fun.
Sheepish Annie said…
Whoo-hoo!!!!!! Must go log on to Friend you!
Bells said…
Hoo-bloody-ray! About time!
Rose Red said…
Yay! Yep, it can be a time-suck, if you let it, especially if you get into the group forums, and load up heaps of your past projects, but once you get past that you can settle into a rhythm!
Jeanne said…
I just friended you - I love Ravelry but it does make me want to start new projects!
Dianne said…
I just friended you, too! Welcome to the party!
Ravelry does suck time like mad, but it's mostly worth it! :-)
Amy Lane said…
PS - you have been meme-tagged.Pick up the nearest book.Open on page 123.Find the fifth sentence.Post the next three sentences.Tag five people,and acknowledge who tagged you.
jessie said…
On Rav, I'm jessiebird and you are now In My Friends.


Do not look through "Groups," joining every one that holds some interest for you.

Do not click the Radar tab in the forums page.

Do not look through the Recently Added section on the patterns page every day just to see what's new.

Do not go on Ravelry at all.

I warned you.

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