Well, 40 Year Old Virgin was, um, interesting (if nothing else).   I am not usually a movie watcher when I am sick.  I will sometimes watch The Women and marvel at the dialogue and how quickly they all spoke but usually I lie around and listen to a favorite book.  The current favorite audio books are The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (M. Schaeffer) and Good Omens (Gaiman and Pratchett).  The first is an epistolary novel and I love that they used different people to read the different letters.  And the second is laugh-out-loud funny (especially the bit about the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse).

I discovered I can watch the new episodes of Bones on hulu.com and won't have to wait a year for the dvd.  I have to wait and watch the episodes after they've aired but I'm ok with that.  I just wait and once a month or so, check to see which episodes are available and then have myself an orgy of television watching.  It works for me.

Pk and I went back to work on Tuesday and that was a hard day.  We were both so tired that we really fought to make it through the day.  Today, we are feeling better but have lingering congestion and coughing.  Nothing terrible.  We are thinking of a drive up to the Delaware River Water Gap (northern NJ/PA) on Saturday but that'll depend on how we're feeling.  We'd like to see the foliage (or foilage, depending on where you are). 

Today was the Health and Wellness Fair at work.  It was cloudy and chilly so we had it indoors.  I took my wheel and Kate came with me and we set up a table to teach people to knit. I figured the wheel would attract attention and boy, was I right!

This is Kate setting up.  I know it's not a good photo but for some reason, every one I tried to take came out blurry.  I don't know if it's because the camera batteries were (both) low or if I just had no photo mojo today.  We were in the corner of the room and had a colorful display of yarns and needles.  Our Medical Director's mother used to own a yarn store and she gave me a huge tote full of needles and small balls of yarn (Rowan cotton rope) in bright colors.  They were perfect.  I printed out some instructions so people could take them if they didn't want to sit and learn.

There were a lot of people. Kate was knitting and working on a sweater.  She offered to teach anyone who was interested how to knit.  One of our child psychologists took her up on her offer and I think Kate made a friend.   I sat and spun and people would gravitate toward the wheel and ask all sorts of questions.  There were people interested in trying the wheel and I helped them give it a whirl.  Funny how you forget how difficult it is to treadle evenly when you first try.  We had small children and grown adults and overall, I'd say the day was a success.  I got a lot of positive comments from coworkers about Kate and about the spinning wheel.  And as a bonus, a few people asked if we could have a group.  I tried this once before and it wasn't successful but I'm willing to try again.

It's dinner time and we'll probably just go to the diner.  I really like diner food.  It's homecookingcomfortfood (without the home cooking).  It's only just after 5 and the light is almost gone.  The days get shorter so fast and it isn't even the end of Daylight Savings Time yet.  That's not until Nov. 7th this year in the US.  

Have a good Friday and an even better weekend you all.


amy said…
That sounds like a great success! Good for you and Kate.

I've been a baby mattress for the past few days. Poor thing was sick for her birthday and then some. Since I was trapped under a wheezing toddler last night, I watched Pretty in Pink on some station in the high numbers. (I still feel bad for Duckie.)
Rose Red said…
Yay for spinning and knitting for wellness. I hope the group works out.
KnitTech said…
Enjoy the trip. The turning colors are lovely this time of year.
Kaye said…
Hee hee, I think of the Delwater Gap as kinda southish. We're thinking about going to take a NY jaunt on Sunday ourselves.
I just passed a diner on my way in today and thought it sounded good. Now I read this. Tempting!
Anonymous said…
does sound like a great day! and at least if you start another group and it doesnt work again, no one can say you didnt try! get well soon.
Bells said…
i think using spinning and knitting as a demonstration at a health and wellness day is just so spot on. Well done!
Alwen said…
Oh, Good Omens was so much fun! I love the part where Adam gets his hellhound and it turns into Dog.

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