You know how I said I've been feeling tired?  (I will date myself here, but remember Geritol?  I need some!).  At first I blamed it on the flu shot.  But it's a week later and despite nights of what should be sufficient sleep, I am still tired.  I also have a near constant headache.  And today my throat is sore....

I finally decided to make a doctor's appointment when my ear started to hurt, too.  No fever, but when he felt my neck, he stepped back and said "whoa" so I guess my glands are swollen.  I have a strep throat.  And in an hour when I go back to the pharmacy, I'll have an antibiotic. 

And tomorrow, I have a day off.  I'm supposed to be teaching Crisis Management but I'm contagious and don't suppose all 28 people in the class would like to catch strep.  I called my supervisor, my office mate and then one of my teaching partners.  I feel bad letting them down but can't help it.

I'll spend tomorrow sleeping and possibly spinning.  I also got two discs of Bones episodes (and one more is coming tomorrow) so I have entertainment to watch (and a new Charlaine Harris Ghostwalkers book on the mp3 player so I have listening matter as well).  I think I'm set.  The weather here is cold and rainy.  The temp is probably not that low but the rain makes it feel like winter.

Elanor is babysitting for my brother who is going to a baseball game despite the nasty weather. He and his wife are Phillies fans and they are in the playoffs for the championship.    Pk and I are going to go and get some sandwiches for dinner.  We had been planning on going to the gym and then getting dinner but I just don't have the energy. 

Em starts her walk tomorrow.  I hope the rain stops early in the day.  They walk rain or shine.  She was packing last night and hopefully has everything she needs.  If the rain continues, they'll pitch their tents in the Convention Center instead of outside.  I almost hope they do that.  At least that way, Em gets indoor plumbing and not port-a-pots.  She is excited and "terrified".  I am terribly proud. 

What's on your agenda this weekend? 


Louiz said…
I hope you feel better, that's not nice:(

We have a birthday party to go to on Saturday and a concert aimed at introducing children to classical music on Sunday (the latest in a series we've been to). Should be a fun weekend.
Anonymous said…
oh bummer about the throat. yes, very wise not to go around infecting people. hope you feel better soon. i will be running after my dogs this weekend, and its meant to rain here and that makes me nervous about falling over again. *touch wood* (hits self on head) xx
Roxie said…
Strep is nothing to mess around with. You take it easy and rest really hard. Nap if you can. Your boody needs to spend all its energy on fighting off those streptococci. Envision your white blood cells as a troop of action heroes - Stalone and Arnie, and Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, and the young guys, too. They slink up on the infestation and start machine gunning and kick boxing and throwing hand grenades. Oh, and Arnie does that cool thing with the shotgun where he twirls it in one hand to cock it for the next shot! I love it when he does that!! And the germs are dying - Arrgh! Aaackkkk! Eeeeeeee! Some of them try to hide. Jackie Chan dances on their heads, then throws them into the fire. Aaahhhhhhh! Sizzle! A final mopping up with single gunshots here and there amidst the flames and smoke. A crazed streptococus makes a suicide dash wearing a bomb, but Claude VanDamm, shirtless and oiled, kicks the sucker upside the head and knocks him under a tank where he explodes harmlessly. Ahh, thank God for Antibiotic heroes! Don't you feel better now?

Make sure to take all your antibiotics, even if they do give you digestive difficulties. They have to kick the s___t out of every one of those streptos!

Smile, and get well soon. Hugs!
amy said…
I had my oldest tested for strep this week because last time he had strep he had the same symptoms--and no sore throat. The school nurse was not happy with me, but how was I to know? Anyway, his test was negative, and he was finally well enough to go back to school today. Yesterday I went and got antibiotics for the sinus infection I've been ignoring for three weeks, hoping it would go away on its own. I don't like taking antibiotics while nursing, since I'm prone to thrush.

This weekend? The oldest is done with baseball, & we're switching the middle to a closer, shorter art class, so our Saturday now contains time to breathe. And on Sunday the Patriots are playing.

I hope you (and I!) feel better soon!!
Anonymous said…
Get good rest, drink lots and lots of tea!
Jejune said…
I hope you're on the mend quick like a bunny! At least you can be cosy and warm inside with good things to do and watch while your body does its thing.

Good luck to Em with her walk!
Kaye said…
Ugh. Hope you feel better soon!

I do remember Geritol! It was always something they had to guess the price of on The Price Is Right--hahahaha!

NOTHING on the agenda this weekend. Best kind!
Rose Red said…
Sorry about the strep throat - hope you are feeling better soon.

Quiet weekend for us - fabric shopping for curtains today followed by lunch out. Tomorrow husby is doing a 50km (40mile?) bike ride, so I guess it will be a quiet day at home for me and Connor!

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