We had a lovely day yesterday.  I woke up and was amazed to find Pk still in the bed.  He is normally awake and up before the sun but for some reason this day he slept in.  The clock said 8:48.  We got showered and dressed and went onto brunch.

We ate a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, waffles, strawberries, blintzes, homemade donuts, pastries, coffee, orange juice........and there were many foods we didn't even get to.  The service was professional and personal and everytime we left the table, they gave us fresh silverware and refolded our napkins.  It was perfect. 

We wandered around the shops for a bit.  I bought some scented soaps.  Pk likes to use a shaving  brush and soap to shave with and I love it when he uses Bay Rum scented soap.  The place makes the soaps by hand and they are pretty.  I got apricot scrub for El, lilac for Em and lavender for Kate.

Then we hit the wine store for some local champage, (well, sparkling wine.)  We've bought it before and it's good.  We also got some mulled apple wine which will be terrific at Thanksgiving.  (Hard to believe I'm thinking of Thanksgiving already).

We stopped at a flea market on the way home and I bought an enormous splatterware enameled roasting pan.  I have one that I use for the holidays for turkeys or goose but it was getting old and losing its enamel inside.  I couldn't find a large enough one in the stores so we were making do.  The new one is huge, larger than the one we have and it's in almost perfect shape.  It should give me years of roasting pleasure.  Pk bought an old saw which is worth way more than what he paid for it so he was happy.

This gorgeous hunk of woolen pulchritude fell into my hands at the yarn store on Saturday.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's fingering weight superwash wool destined to be a pair of socks for me.  After I finish the holiday gifts I have in mind, it will become something gorgeous for my tootsies. 

In the meantime, I'm using the October color from Roxanne to make socks for Pk.  I was warned that this month's color was manly and it is.  Handsomely so.  Pk saw it and said, "that will make great socks for me".  Like I haven't heard that before!  I gave him some books and patterns and he chose his own pattern this time.  He chose Sandalwood Socks from IK Winter 2008.  He said they're "snazzy".  I just hope he doesn't think they're too girly.  It's an 8 row lace pattern which does not repeat around the width of the sock.  I had the pattern in a binder so I must have been planning on knitting it at some time.  Might as well be now.

future socks!
 I got some roving for the wellness fair next week and some merino which will be my first try at a 3 ply yarn.  I haven't done much spinning this summer,it was way too hot.  I have been spinning a little each day to get my ankle used to the motion again.  I have a single treadle wheel and the ankle that moves the treadle is the one I dislocated a few years back and it gets a might tetchy.  I have to ease it back into being used.

Pk and I are easing back into the gym.  We have been the laziest people this summer and I don't regret a single moment.  I only did 15 minutes on the elliptical machine and lessened my weights on the circuit weight machines and did fewer reps.  The last time we went to the gym (2 weeks ago), I over did it and was sore as all get out for days.  I'm trying not to do that again.  It sure doesn't take the body much time to lose all the hard won ground.

I am going to find something funny to watch and knit some nice plain socks for a while.  My brain is Monday-tired.  I just need some diversion before bed.

And I wanted to say thanks for all the anniversary wishes.  When people ask "how did you stay married for so long?", I'm not sure how to answer.  Mostly it's just day to day.  I don't stop to count the years, I just pay attention to the days and maybe that's the secret after all.  Pay attention to the days and let the years take care of themselves.  I only know that I like being married.  I like my husband (as well as love him) and feel really lucky.

 I know that it would be impossible to replace him.  No one else even comes close so I guess I'll just have to take care of him and make him last.



Roxie said…
What a lovely, lovely day! And such pretty yarn for your very own socks.

Last time I bought a really big roaster, I discovered it wouldn't fit into my oven. You might want to try yours on for size before you load in the goose and fixin's.
Galad said…
It was a lovely day and the yarn pattern should look very snazy!

We've already been trying to make Thanksgiving plans. Probably have to celebrate on Sunday as Nicole has volunteered to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It will be here before we know it!
KnitTech said…
Nice haul. I'm still looking for a huge-assed platter. We have one, but it has a turkey on it. Not the best thing to serve ribs on in the middle of May.

Yea, today is back to gym for us also. I'm looking forward to it, but then I over did it on the Wii. Go figure.
amy said…
I'm thinking about Thanksgiving, too. Mostly on how to make some gluten-free pies & such. We don't care so much about stuffing, but dessert is necessary!

I'm so thankful I'm married to my best friend. It makes such a difference, doesn't it? I like him. It amazes me how many people don't seem to like the people they chose to marry.
Alwen said…
Oh, I love that first yarn.

I like the look of lacy sock patterns, but I have learned I like a smooth instep best, myself. So I'd keep the cuff and go smooth if I knitted Sandalwood, hmmm.

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