Happy Hallowe'en!

Today was a good day here and I hope it was wherever you are.  Pk and I got up and had breakfast.  I made him his favorite eggs, sausage and fried potato meal and I had a bowl of oatmeal.  I love oatmeal and don't always have time during the week for it (I don't like instant oatmeal)

Then I made these.  Well, "made" isn't really the right word since all I did is take them out of the package and put them onto cookie sheets and put them in the oven. 

I also made a large pan of macaroni and cheese to take to  my brother's house for dinner.  I put our candy into a bowl for when the trick or treaters came and then I grabbed a sock and headed outside to sit in the sunshine.

Pk was working on making some parts for his work bench and we were both enjoying being outside.

We had some trick or treaters but not too many.  We only expected children from the hours of 3-7 since that was the time the town had set aside for Hallowe'en.  The curfew is 8:00 for anyone under 18. 

Candy swapping

Em and Jim

We headed over to my brother's house at 6 and had dinner around 7.  Lasagna and baked mac and cheese.  Yum.  This is our traditional Hallowe'en dinner.  We remembered Aunt Joan and laughed at her love of Hershey bars.  The candy swap was fun as always.  There's Patrick, Kate, Elanor and Walter (my cousin Cheryl's SO) all contemplating what they can trade and how to get the most for their candy.  It's all good natured fun and everyone tries to help the kids not get cheated.  Although Maggie is 10 now and is a heck of a good trader! 

We stayed until 9:30 and then headed home with just time to post this and get ready for bed.  I'm tired but in a good way, the kind of tired you get when you've spend a good day and laughed with family and friends.

And I forgot to show you the pumpkin Kate carved for us on Thursday night.  She and Patrick came over and she spent almost 3 hours with Pk working on this design.  The pumpkin was probably about 2 inches thick and took forever to carve but she gamely kept at it until she was happy with the design.  It looks really cool with all the lights out and just a candle burning inside.  (and I kind of like the smell of the burned pumpkin as the candle flame cooks it from the inside out!) 

It's sitting outside tonight (without a candle, I'm not taking any chances with fire).  We're supposed to get "freezing temperatures" tonight so we'll see what kind of shape it's in tomorrow.  

Happy Hallowe'en! 

Hard to believe that it's November already tomorrow! 


Bells said…
i'm so glad to read there's a community approach and an agreed curfew! There's much debate going on here about how to do Hallowe'en (if at all - it's not popular amongst some) and people are slowing realising there's got to be a community approach if people must do it.

I always give the job of chopping pumpkin for cooking to Sean because it needs strong hands. I imagine actually carving a pumpkin must be so very hard. Good on Kate!
Roxie said…
The candy swap looks wicked fun. And I'm surprised that the curfew is so early for the under 18, but pleased as well. We don't need sugar-maddened 14-year-olds romping through the neighborhood at three in the morning.
amy said…
I think setting the hours of 3-7 for trick or treating is terrible!! It wasn't even truly dark until at least 6:30 (it used to get dark earlier, but then the government pushed Daylight Savings time into November). It's just another instance of the adults taking more and more control over what kids can and can't do. And 8 is a ridiculously early curfew. Are they going to arrest kids who are out at 8:30? Or the parents who might be accompanying them? I always understood the rule to be that you don't knock on anyone's door unless their light was on. That was understood when I was a kid, and it seems to be mostly understood now. That way the candy givers set their own curfew, and by and large, trick or treaters respect that. Not everything needs to be regulated from on high.

Ooh, I guess I have VERY strong feelings about this! Libertarian me, that's why.
Alwen said…
We had a really thick pumpkin like that, too! I cut the top open, and I couldn't pull it out until I went over the cut with a longer blade.

It was really tough to make all those little flame cuts through that shell, but boy does it hold up when it's so thick.

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