I'm just back from my evaluation and I'd like you to know that I am a "valued employee".  Actually, this is the first time any supervisor sat with me and went over the whole thing and explained why he evaluated my performance the way he did.  It was nice to hear that someone appreciates my work and acknowledged it in writing.  For the first time I got credit for the Aggressive Patient Management course I teach each year (and have for the last 6 years).  I also got credit for setting up and maintaining the clinic for people with Developmental Disabilities. (it requires more paperwork and knowledge of the mental retardation system, which the regular clinics don't).   

This supervisor takes the time to tell you when you've done something well and when you need to improve at the time he notices it.  He doesn't wait until the year is up.   I know I work hard and I think I do a good job but it's nice to hear it.  He also told me one of my strengths (apart from the way I get along with people) is that I'm not afraid to stick my neck out and help.  Funny thing is, I've been afraid to do that much since I got in trouble last year.  I've been really careful.  Phew.  I feel like I can relax a little. 

We got 2-3 inches of rain last night.  It was way more than the soil could absorb so there's water in the rec room this morning.  Pk set up the pump before we left for work so it'll be dry when we get home.  It's supposed to dry up this afternoon and be fairly nice this weekend.  I hope so.  Pk is planning to replace the alternator in the car.  It would help if it wasn't raining.

I ordered some walking socks for Emily from thorlo.com.  They make Pk's favorite socks.  The website said "tell us why you like our socks" so I did.  I told them how Pk only wears thorlo socks or the ones I handknit for him.  I told them why I ordered three pairs for Emily.

And you know what?  They responded.  Their customer rep emailed me back and said they wanted to give me a pair of socks to thank me for being a loyal customer.  How cool is that?  It pays to compliment companies as well as complain to them.  I wasn't looking for a reward, I just wanted to let them know how much my family likes their product.

There's not much on tap for the weekend.  The alternator, of course, but no shopping or other urgent matters.  I'm hoping for some spinning time and I want to work on some of the holiday knits I'm planning.  I started one last night and so far, I'm enjoying it.

And speaking of Emily, she is almost at her goal!  She has not used my shawl as a fund raiser because she didn't want it "to go to someone who wouldn't take care of it or love it" the way it should be.  I was afraid she wasn't going to auction it because she didn't think anyone would want it.  (I told you I have little self confidence about my knitting.  It's the whole self taught thing. I'm always wondering if I'm doing it right or if it's good enough).  No, she doesn't want me to have to give up what she called a "work of art".  She's a sweetie.  There's another fund raiser this weekend and hopefully that will put her over the top.  If not, Pk and I will fund whatever she needs to reach the goal.  She's done an amazing job.

I'm sitting here looking out my window and watching the trees blow in the wind.  I hope wherever you are, the sun is shining and you have some time to do something that brings you peace and contentment.


Alwen said…
Now that's the good kind of supervisor! (Rather than the ones we jokingly call "stupidvisors".)

Two or three inches of rain at once is too much here, too, even in my sandy sandy soil. It ran around on top and found its way into our basement earlier in the summer.
Galad said…
Glad the evaluation was so positive and recognized the many ways you contribute.

Sounds like you got a good supervisor this time!
amy said…
Congratulations on the well-deserved good review!

We didn't get as much rain as predicted, thankfully, since Chris is away again and really, I'm doing enough as it is. Today the kids & I were out of the house for 9 hours, getting the boys to their respective activities. (The girl and I just drive and tag along.) We're all excited that we are going NOWHERE tomorrow. Of course, I have all this cleaning and laundry to catch up on...
Kaye said…
Good job valued blogger! :-)

I have the same hang up about knitting for strangers. This is why I don't do any of those sock exchange things on the web!
Rose Red said…
I'm so glad you finally have a good supervisor who gives continuous feedback and recognises your contributions appropriately.

And in the same way, we should remember to give positive feedback/ recognition to others too, like your sock company! A nice reward for you there too.

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