It's been a quiet weekend here in southern new jersey. The weather has been more summery than usual. There were some thunderstorms overnight which brought out the humidity. It's not unbearable. It's actually nice to feel some warmth. A few fans running and it's still comfortable.

On Friday after work, Elanor met us at the train station and we headed to the local fried chicken place (good food but definitely not good for you) and picked up some food to go. We took it to the river and had a picnic. The weather was a little cloudy and cool but it was relaxing. As an added bonus, we got to watch a wedding party pose for their photos. As I sat in my chair with wool socks and jeans and a fleece hoodie on, I watched several young women with sleeveless cocktail dresses (in varying shades of orange and coral) stand in the breeze. I just figured alcohol and adrenalin were keeping them warm. I wish I'd had my camera but I didn't remember to take it with me on Friday morning. We watched the planes land at the airport across the river and a huge tanker work its way downriver toward the mouth of the Delaware. Not too many kids running around but a group of men playing cricket which Pk found fascinating. He looked it up on his iphone (to me, this is the only thing it has proven useful for) and explained it to El. They watched the game and the ensuing arguments with delight.
I did have my camera to show off our first ever gladiolas. I've always loved them but thought they were too difficult to grow. Pk planted some under the window and some in another bed so I could cut them and bring them in. They don't last too long. They bloom and then the next day they're gone. We've got some pink, white and purple. I want to plant some more for next year.

And some of our "fall" flowers have started to bloom. Not all of the chrysanthemums came back from last year but these lovely orange ones and some deep maroon ones survived. We'll have to buy some new plants to fill in the empty spots. Some of these plants are a few years old and we're always happy to see them come back.
I spent some time knitting on Em's sweater. It has most of one sleeve and looks pretty good. It hasn't been too hot to sit with a pile of wool on my lap and I like seeing some progress. I had Em try it on for me last week and it looks like it'll fit nicely. And she likes it. That's the important part.
I've also been spinning some roving I bought last year at NJ sheep breeders' show. It's called 'denim' and looks like old faded jeans when it's spun. I like the colors and the way they meld together. It's from ashland bay and it's nice and soft and spins up like a dream. I think it'll make a lovely scarf when it's finally yarn. But that all comes later. Right now, saraspunda and I are enjoying the quiet time together. Pk is outside in the garage working on a secret squirrel project and loving every minute of it. I can hear his machines running. His hobby is MUCH noisier than mine.
That's all the news that's fit to print here in the wilds of Somerdale. I truly hope you all are having some peace, quiet and time for some creative activity. It's time to put the hot laptop down and find something cool to drink.
Happy Sunday!


Jeanne said…
Sounds like a really nice night - and it is good to have some nice summer weather!
Bezzie said…
Ooo! YOur mums! Mine are doing so well. I can't wait til fall when they hopefully bloom!
teabird said…
The gladiola is awesome! It's so wonderful to read that you're knitting for Em- it must be such a pleasure for you.
Amy Lane said…
Lovely flowers--and the sweater's coming along nicely!
Galad said…
Beautiful flowers - I love glads!

The sweater looks like it will be a great color on her and very cozy.
Bells said…
oh will you look at your gladis! Oh they are gorgeous.

Your world is warming up nicely, even if you weren't up for the standing around in a slip of a dress bit like the young girls were!
Roxie said…
I LOVE watching weddings! And you know, vanity goes a long way to compensate for adequate coverage. Sounds like a pretty color scheme. Great way to spend a weekend!
Louiz said…
Sounds like a lovely time. And even here in England, home of cricket, only some of us understand what it's all about (I'm not one of them)

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