Just for the record, doctors who keep patients waiting for 2 hours and then spend 10 minutes with them should all be forced to run around the block naked in the snow.

We got to Em's house yesterday early because we were afraid of the traffic. We hit none on the way there and very little on the way to the hospital where she was to see the doctor. She signed in and then we sat. And sat. And sat. And then sat some more. The receptionist did apologize once to Em saying they were running behind "a little". Em was finally called into the back where she sat some more and then spent ten minutes (while the doctor took two phone calls) trying to ask her questions. I know neurosurgeons are busy. I get it. But the waiting room was not full. Not even a little.

Contrast this to her experience with the other surgeon whose office staff went out of their way to accomodate Em when she was way early for her appt last week. This was a royal pain in the ass. We got back to Em's house at 5 (after a 1:45 appointment time) and Pk and Em played a video game called Left 4 Dead (killing zombies) and I knitted/napped on the couch. Jim got home at 6 or so and then we had dinner and got home around 9. It was a long day.

The health news was good, however. Em is doing well and moving around fairly well. Less stiffness and soreness. She still can't stand up straight and seems to fold around herself to protect her chest (understandably). It looks strange to me and sad. For years I've watched her stand tall and straight. All those years of marching band will do that to you. We joke about marching band but it does wonders for your posture! And I think all of that early training will help her get her straight carriage back. She is regaining her sense of humor and I think some of her sense of herself. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it's getting brighter. Soon, she'll be able to drive herself places and that will be a big mood booster. And then she can go back to work.......

I've been casting about looking for a new lace project to replace the finished North Sea Shawl. Yesterday I started Eunny Jang's Print o' the Waves. It's ok. I'm not loving it and I'm not counting well either. It's only 80 stitches across but for some reason, I cannot handle 80 stitches and keep them straight. I finally took Roxie's suggestion and put markers between pattern repeats so I could see where I was messing up but it's not helping. I can see 8 stitches on the chart and there are 8 stitches on the needle but when I follow the directions I am either one stitch short or have one left over. It's more than a little frustrating.

And then there's the whole idea of knitting more lace. I don't really wear them(shawls) but I love to make them. I love the beauty of the finished pieces. I even like the fact that they demand a certain level of concentration and I can't blithely knit along without paying much attention. I'll probably end up as one of those old ladies who dies and her children find a box of beautiful pieces wrapped and scented with lavender under the bed. I know I'll keep working on lace. As I finish a piece and can see the improvement in my skills, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. And I don't really need a reason to knit something I love, do I?

Well, there's nothing else exciting in our neck of the woods. Pk and I are riding our bikes a little each day. And I mean a little. I think I managed maybe a mile on Tuesday and my legs felt like rubber. I'm trying to do a little more each day so I can eventually actually ride somewhere instead of just around the block. I have no stamina and my leg muscles are weak (and we won't even talk about my old knees). I know this is good for me and I even enjoy it so I'll persevere. Besides, I like to ring my bell and wave to people and I like watching the handlebar streamers fly in the breeze! Our weather has been absolutely lovely and we've been trying to be outside as much as possible. We've been doing our part to feed the local mosquito population which has flourished after all the rain.

How are things in your neck of the woods?


Kate said…
I've been out walking if I can't ride my bike. You could try that too, as a break from riding. Walking uses slightly fewer muscles in the abdomen area.
And yes, doctors like that should be made to run naked in the snow being chased by velociraptors.
amy said…
Oh my goodness. I can relate, I can. I was once kept waiting by a rheumatologist for two hours. I had newborn Nicholas with me, Vaughan was at home with my sister, who drove 90 minutes with her kids to stay with him. She, of course, got back to her house around 9 pm. The rheumatologist was full of doom and gloom, completely ignored my history and just spouted off worst-case scenarios about having a third child, sent me for a leg ultrasound immediately and threatened to hospitalize me--she was just awful. Later we finally got to the correct specialist (a hematologist) who was WONDERFUL, took the time to really talk to me and answer our questions, treating me like a person and not a case. There is SUCH a difference.

The mosquitoes here are awful too. And it's 60 degrees right now.
Bezzie said…
Hee he! I'm with you! I love the *idea* of shawls, but I don't wear them. I'm not to that fashion point yet. If there's even a way to get there.

Glad Ems doing good. I think we've all had appts. like that. At least she wasn't squirming on your lap and crying ;-)
Dianne said…
Ugh. That is so very frustrating. Downright rude, too. How would they like to be kept waiting for so long? Grrrr. Glad the news is good, though!
Roxie said…
Oh, yes! I have streamers and a bell, too! And an extra cushy seat! No point in being more miserable than necessary. And I know the jelly legs feelilng. Just take it slow.

As for rude doctors keeping me waiting, I just hope that they're seeing an emergency case. If they're farting around, having another latte and some Cinnabons while I sit fretting, then their karma will go sour on them, their hearts will turn to grass, and everyone they love will become sheep! Naked in the snow is good, too.

So SO glad the news is good. If Em hadn't had anesthetic for that suregery, you would understand more easily why she's still stooped and tender. By this time next year, she'll be as upright as ever.
Sheepish Annie said…
I know that doctor's offices don't always run as smoothly as they hope. Stuff happens and I understand that a bleeder probably should get their undivided attention. But I still think an apology is in order or an explanation. I hate it when they think I have nothing better to do or that my time is less valuable than theirs.

I'm glad to hear that Em is doing well, though. I'm sure that the soreness will pass and that she will soon be up an about like the girl you remember!
dr k said…
glad to hear she is making such good progress. you have a lot on your mind. lace doesnt work well for me in those conditions so maybe thats it. its sunny and cool here today, well cool for us - 15 celsius, which is your 60 i think. in the middle of winter. hehe.
Rose Red said…
Sorry Em had to wait so long, but at least the news was good. I'm sure she'll be standing up straight when she can (and I think you are right, driving and working and generally being "normal" will help with that).

I agree on the lace - I love to knit it, I'm not sure I'll wear all of it, but I don't care - for me, it's the achievement of knitting it, and the beauty of the finished product, that is enough.
Galad said…
Glad the news was good. Healing always takes longer than we expect.

I'm going to have to give lace a try one of these days. I have a couple of shawl patterns I want to try.
Jeanne said…
Glad Em is getting better - and I totally agree about doctors that keep people waiting. I always think I should be reimbursed for the time I wait. Ugh.

I love knitting lace too - but I do wear mine - even as scarves in the winter. I can't seem to stop making them - too many amazing patterns out there!

Have a great weekend!
MadMad said…
How frustrating! I would have been out of my mind! So rude. ARGH! Glad to hear the news was good, though, and that Em is recuperating well!
Amy Lane said…
Well good for Em-- but you're right--it will take a while more before she gets herself back! Bike riding is wonderful-- and it's been so long since I've done it I'm probably a truism waiting to happen!

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