We had another power outage at work on Friday.  At 3:15.  There was a loud bzzzt and then nothing.  I was just finishing up some stuff and getting ready to go home anyway so it wasn't a big deal to me.  Until I walked downstairs to go outside and could see the rain pouring down.

And of course I had on sandals.

It rained hard off and on all night and Saturday was a sunny but humid day.  Pk mowed and I cleaned and we sat around and were sweaty.  We decided that Sunday we'd attempt another day at the lake.

We got up early and headed out the door by 9.  We stopped and bought some sandwiches and ice and got to the lake at 10.  We set up umbrellas and chairs and plopped ourselves down.  Of course there was liberally applied sunblock.  The building behind us there is the bath house.  There is a snack bar in which they cook french fries.  This is a fiendish plot to make people hungry.  And it works every time!

Look at how clean the beach is. The sky was as blue and cloudless as it can be.  There was even a gentle breeze.  If you got to choose the weather for a day at the lake, this is what you'd choose.

We sat and Pk watched movies that he'd loaded onto his ipad and Elanor read her book and I listened to a favorite audiobook and did some knitting on a sock that is definitely eye catching.
Look at those wonderfully fuzzy vertical stripes.  It's a ball of yarn by Dave Daniels of Cabin Cove sent to me by Roxie.  I wasn't sure what to do with it so I just did a plain toe up sock and let the yarn be the star.  It's a cashmere/merino/nylon blend and wonderfully soft.

After a while, Pk and I got warm and decided to go swimmng.  It was a short lived swim.  The water was COLD.  The lake is fed by the mullica river and after all the rain, it was just freezing.  And you have to creep out into the lake slowly.  It's like  slow torture but very refreshing.

We stayed all day.  It's the most relaxing way to spend a weekend day.  You can't DO anything but relax.  You can swim or sit and read/talk/play games/knit.  Nothing taxing or difficult. 

 On the way home, we always stop at this stand.  The lake is in the Wharton Tract, a large state owned and preserved forest.  It's the Pinelands area and a unique habitat.  On the edges of this are farms.  There is always corn, blueberries and soon watermelons and pumpkins.  This guy puts out wonderful produce and leaves a cast iron box to put your money in.  Today we got 3 pints of fresh blueberries (which are incredibly sweet and delicious even though blueberries aren't one of my favorites), 4 tomatoes (large, round red beauties) and two good sized cucumbers.  It's an honor system.  I've often wondered how many people pay and how many people just take the fruit and vegetables. 

Two pints of the blueberries are already in the oven with a cinnamon flavored batter on top.  In about an hour we'll have blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream for desert.  I set up a roast beef with potatoes, carrots, onions and mushrooms in the crockpot so we have a delicious home cooked meal with minimal effort on anyone's part.

It was a good weekend and while I'm not looking forward to going  back to work tomorrow, I'm not dreading it.  I feel like I had a weekend (you know how sometimes you feel like the weekend just flew by with chores and things and there was no relaxing).

I am going to check on the dinner and watch a movie with Pk and maybe work on my shawl for a bit before going to bed early.  All this sitting in the sun makes me tired.  Today, life is good.

"You brought your Sunday morning sunshine
Here into my Monday morning rain.
You taught me happiness just one time
It keeps on coming back again and again"
~Sunday Morning Sunshine by Harry Chapin


amy said…
Lots of honor system veggie & flower stands around here, too. I like to think it works out for everybody. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm hoping we're off to the beach tomorrow.
Rose Red said…
It's amazing how a day spent by the beach or lake can be so much more relaxing that one spent at home, even if you do the same things at either place. It's a lovely little holiday, isn't it.
Roxie said…
what a lovely day! and oh how nice that yarn is working up. I knew you would do marvelos things with it!
Alwen said…
The water can be like that in Lake Michigan, too, especially after a storm, brr!

I love that plain sock - it looks like Delft ware.
Bells said…
life sounds lovely, really lovely!

You really can't do anything but relax. I love the absence of reality in those days - that drudgery of what you must do.
Kaye said…
I love those socks!!!! We have to plan a shore trip soon ourselves.
KnitTech said…
Those socks are awesome!
Galad said…
Looks absolutely lovely by the lake. Sun, sand and good company - perfect!

Love the socks. The yarn really is the star :)
DrK said…
couldnt agree more, sitting under a brolly and knitting is the only way to spend a hot summers day. hope the return to work hasnt been too awful.

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