I think the person who invented window fans is a pure and simple genius.  As long as the temp goes down somewhat at night, it keeps our rooms cool and we've been able to avoid using the a/c.  We haven't even put them in the windows.  It's been a warm week but that's what passes for normal here on the eastern coast of the US in July.  
Hobbes rolling in the dirt.

I like July.  I like summer in general.  There's something unrushed about the long days and soft sultry nights.  The mosquitos have been awful this year so sitting outside is not something we do often.  We sat at the park on the Fourth (no lake joy for us.  We got there at 9:30 in the morning to be told it was "at capacity".) and my feet are still itchy.  There were tiny little bugs (could have been sand fleas) that made sharp little bites which turned into large itchy welts.  I've been putting ice and some spray on them but all I want to do it scratch.  It's hard to ignore but I'm trying.  I've already scratched some raw.  We're going to try for the lake again this weekend.  It's not a holiday so we may have some luck.

I had knitting group today.  Group may be a misnomer.  How many people do you need to have a group?  It was me and one other woman.  We knit and chatted and it was pleasant.  She asked me how much one of those "things of yarn" cost.  I explained that it depended on what it was made of and how it was dyed.  I talked about the sock yarn club yarn and how it's individually dyed by an indie dyer and how I look forward to it each month.  She was a bit taken aback that I spend 30 dollars each month on a single skein of yarn.  I explained the value of the yarn to me and how we all value these things differently.  She saw some at a thrift store and wondered if it was any good.  I told her my feeling is that all yarn is 'good'.  It's all good for something and if she liked the yarn, she should buy it.  She's a brand new knitter and has no idea yet what she's stepping into.   Maybe I shouldn't tell her.......

I thought of a good way to use us some of those bits and bobs of leftover sock yarn.  I bought the Mitered Crosses Blanket pattern.  I thought I could use the lefover bits for the colors in the crosses and then find one bright color to tie them all together.  I think it'll be a good use of all the bits of sock yarn I have lying around.   and the squares would be portable for train knitting.  And I like the way it looks.

We have no real plans this weekend.  Just Pk and I doing chores and then sitting at the lake.  Sounds nice, doesn't it?  Another thing to like about summer.  I don't feel like I should always be "doing something".  The weather is so conducive to just sitting still. 

I'm anxious to see the new Torchwood season.  Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until Netflix picks it up.  Once in a while, I am sorry we don't have a television. 

This is such a random post.  Random thoughts from a random mind.  One of my doctors is having surgery and will be out for the next month.  This is good/bad.  Good because it means no clinics on Mon/Tues afternoons.  Bad because if our clients need anything, they only have me and I have to find some other doctor to help them. 

I understand it's really cold in parts of Australia right now.  Cold enough to wear alpaca sweaters.  I can't imagine it.  I'm watching some heavy duty storm clouds roll overhead.  Pk was going to fire up the grill but maybe not.  I think the burgers will have to be cooked inside. 

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is probably best known for her studies/writings on death.  On Death and Dying was so popular when I was in college.  We all discussed it.  She was a very positive person with a positive outlook on life.  One of my favorite things she said is this

People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

I don't know why but it resonates with me.  I know people who are stained glass beauties.  The people who quietly make the world a better place just by being themselves.  I'm feeling grateful for these people today.  It's been an interesting week and I have been blessed with the presence of a few such folks.

I better sign off before I start singing Kumbaya.........my period must be due.  I'm feeling emotional. 
Have a good day and a lovely weekend. 


Rose Red said…
It most definitely is cold enough for an alpaca jumper here! Sunny though, so that helps make it bearable!

I like the stained glass window analogy. I think it applies to you most especially.
amy said…
That is a pretty pattern. Can't wait to see your squares start to pile up!

Ugh, awful mosquitoes and bitey things here, too. The girl got bit by something on her foot (I think spider, given the circumstances) and it swelled up and she couldn't walk on it till the next morning.
drkknits said…
oh captain jack. how ive missed him. can not wait for more torchwood. i think it only takes one person to make a group, you are very good to be so patient with her. and i thought for a minute you metaphorically had itchy feet, rather than literal! ouch. i love that mitred blanket too, what a great idea.
KnitTech said…
Yes, the mitred crosses looks wonderful. But I've already committed to the mitred blanket, can't change it midstream.

Did you introduce her to ravelry?
Roxie said…
Hugs and kisses! I'll sing Kumbyah with you anytime!

I, too, love the more contemplative pace of summer. It's grand to feel ok about just sitting and experiencing the present.

Looking forward to Captain Jack. Hunka hunka yummy man.

And baby, when it comes to windows,you shine forth!
Louiz said…
I've been bitten by bugs too. My usual way of dealing is to cover the actual bite site with a cream containing surface anaesthetic and then put a plaster (bandaid) over it. Once it's covered I can't scratch it, and it will heal.

Hope yours heal up quickly.
Galad said…
I itch just thinking about your bug bites. Don't have that problem in the desert unless we are down by the water.

Enjoy your lazy summer days and have a good weekend.
Bells said…
it's FREEZING here. Ok not like when you get snow but the winds have been howling like you wouldn't believe.

I love Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. I've come across her stuff a lot over the years. Powerful stuff.
Bells said…
meant to say I like the way you explained yarn to the woman in your 'group' - i must remember that. We all buy what we can afford and what we most value - it's just different for everyone.

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