It's almost bedtime here and I'm writing with the hum of the a/c in the room.  Why a/c?  Because even now at 10:30 at night, it's 82 degrees (28C).   We are in the beginnings of what looks to be a vicious bit of weather.  Tomorrow and Wed are supposed to be in the mid 90's and Thursday and Friday are supposed to be close to 100 degrees.  Ew.

Our weekend didn't turn out quite like we expected but it was a good one nonetheless.  Friday night, we went and bought the coffee maker.  It's different and since I can use my own coffee and not have to depend on their rather expensive little pods, it's not as expensive to use as I was afraid it would be.  We bought a selection of their little pod/cups of coffee and they're ok but we also bought a teeny tiny filter basket (no, really, it looks like it might be made for a hobbit) and I can use my favorite brand.  I set the timer to go on at 6 in the morning and when I get downstairs, it's ready to brew.  I put my coffee in the basket (I'm trying to remember to do it the night before) and put my cup under the spout and push a button.  In less than a minute, I have a cup of coffee to go.  Very cool.  While we were in line to pay, three different people gave unsolicited testimonies regarding how much they loved their Keurig.  It was funny.

Saturday, we were so lazy in the morning.  We got up and ate some breakfast and sat around in our jammies until we had to shower to go out.  We met Kate and Patrick at the train station and went to the Chestnut St Food store for sandwiches for lunch and then headed to Nangellini Gallery on South St.

South St in Philadelphia is unique.  There are store fronts that look like this. The door says "art in the real world".  There is a large variety of stores such as one called "hats in the belfry" which sells hats, CondomNation and you can guess what they sell.  If you can't, one look at the sidewalk in front of the door would give you a clue.  There are little sperms painted all over the ground.  There are food places and clothing places and lots of people. 

We found the gallery easily.  Probably because it had an awning with Nangellini Gallery on the front.  I walked in and automatically felt at home.  It's bright and colorful and there are knitted items everywhere. 

I got to meet Nicole (notwosnowflakes on ravelry).  We moderate the LOTR board and had never met, only exchanged many, many messages.  She is a knitwear designer and this was her trunk show. 

Kate and I bought some yarn and sat down to knit and schmooze and wait for the show.  Kate mentioned how much more welcoming this group was than the other knitting group we went to.  Everyone talked to everyone and we felt wanted.  The fashion show was really good.  I bought two patterns, one is for a hat (and you know how I feel about hats).  This one is a beret style designed for hand spun yarn which I happen to have a bunch of.  I put on the sample and Kate kept telling me it looked good so I'll probably make one for me.  The other one is called Icicles and is a lacy shawl pattern.  There is a resident knitting group and spinning group there, too.  They charge 5 dollars (or you  have to make a purchase) and I'm not sure how I feel about it since I'll have to spend 6 dollars on a train ticket just to get there.  We talked about going on Sunday afternoons but the fact that they charge doesn't sit real well with me.  Do groups usually charge and am I just behind the curve here? 

Meanwhile, Pk and Patrick were in the Brauhaus having beers waiting for us to finish.  They also had a good time. We got home about 5.  Just in time to change into some summer jeans and head out to the Moroccan restaurant (called Cous Cous) for dinner with some friends.  We chose the 10 dish feast and really enjoyed the food.  It's a good place to go and sit and talk while they keep bringing you new dishes to try.  The belly dancer didn't come out until we had finished but we waited for her.  She didn't disappoint.  She moved her body in ways that were mezmerizing. 

Sunday, Pk went to Kate's to watch the US team give up the World Cup to Japan.  I was not feeling well so I stayed home and did laundry and sat around watching my favorite movie (The Women, both versions).  I love them.  We had a cold dinner and I watched Camelot.  What a really really good telling of the Arthur story.  A totally different take (and did I mention it was good?).  Now I have to wait for them to make a new season. 

Tonight, I've got things to put into the crock pot for dinner tomorrow. I can't stand to eat too much take out food and I know no one will feel like cooking.  It's one of Pk's favorites, pork with figs and rosemary.  If I put some potatos in with the meat and make a salad, we will have a great meal.

So, if you go to a kntting group, tell me about it, please.  Is it free?  Is it in a store or free floating?  Would you go if you had to pay or buy something?  I'm afraid they won't like it if I knit something I bring from home and didn't buy there. 

That could get expensive.  Thing is, I liked the store owner, Nancy, and the other women.  I'm just conflicted by the whole pay to knit thing. 

Stay cool, y'all. (we're probably cancelling program this week due to heat.  We have too many folks with COPD and asthma).  It could be real quiet at work.  Not a bad thing.


Rose Red said…
Wow, you have to pay for the knitting/spinning group? Do you get anything for it (afternoon tea, help with problems?). I've never heard of a store charging for a knitting group. I might pay if there was something for it beyond the use of the store as a venue, but otherwise probably not.
Kate said…
They apparently supply coffe/drinks and some sort of snacky thing, I think I heard someone say. I'm not really sure.
Bells said…
pork and figs and rosemary?! Wow. What cut of pork? that sounds lovely!

I know once we got a coffee machine we wondered how we lived without it. Not that I drink much coffee but for Sean it's a god send. Sounds like you're going to be very happy with yours!
Bells said…
oh also, I wouldn't go to a paying knitting group. I'm happy to buy drinks and food while there if it's a cafe, but I don't need to pay to knit!
amy said…
I wouldn't pay. I wouldn't go to a group at a store that I'd never bought from and had no plans to buy from, but if it's my local store and I'm a customer (or if, like you, I'm traveling but have bought there and will buy there again) I think that's fair and reasonable. You could always ask their reasons--it wouldn't hurt, and I'm sure you could do it nicely in a curious way so as not to offend, and then you'll know and have all the information.

And oh, some sort of snacky thing would be horrible for me. I couldn't eat it anyway, so why would I want to pay for everyone else's snack?
Roxie said…
I have never heard of having to pay to join a knitting group. And $5 every week? What do they do with the money? I think you could snowshoe across Satan's barbecue pit before I would drop $5 a week for a chance to just sit and knit.
Kaye said…
Blech, it's the MIDDLE of a heatwave here. We had this annoying weather last week too.
So wait, did you get a Keurig machine? You can use other things rather than a k-cup in a Keurig machine? Would it accommodate a travel sized mug underneath the spout? These are the reasons I don't buy a K-cup machine. Of course I don't drink the coffee--it's for Dr MS!
I've knit AT a LYS, not as a part of an official group, I'v ejust met up w/friends there a couple of times. Last time we were there I brought my HP sweater--which I'm knitting with Red Heart...haha! So yeah, obviously we didn't have to pay to knit.
drkknits said…
oh no i would never pay to go to a knitting group, but in those circumstances i can see why youre tempted, especially if its a good group. at out guild group we just make a donation towards afternoon tea but its only ever like $1 or $2. how annoying. the rest of your weekend sounds great, and im quite keen to see a bit more of philadelphia next time i come!
KnitTech said…
No, we don't pay to knit at the store. However, if I knit at a coffee shop, I do buy something there so I don't feel like a heel.

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