You know what I've noticed?  Heat makes people cranky.  Yep.  I can attest to that, being a cranky person myself right about now.  We were going to grill some meat for dinner but opted for sandwiches instead.  I didn't have the heart to ask Pk to stand in front of a grill in this heat.  It's 100 degrees out there.  I have a feeling we'll have some different kind of sandwich tomorrow.

Saturday I'm going for my mammogram and the pelvic ultrasound.  It's an odd feeling to lay on a table with your legs in the air while a stranger manipulates a wand inside your vagina.  The last time I had one done, I told the technician they owed me a meal since we were being so intimate.....
I got the blood tests done this week so I should have some results on what's going on in the female parts of my body soon. 

I have noticed that there are very few colorful flowers in our neighborhood this year.  Right after we planted two flats of brightly colored impatiens out front (figuring it would do like it always does and fill in the bed with lovely colors), we had a major heat wave.  We watered but it wasn't enough.  And then we've had one heat wave after another and rather dry weather so the poor little plants didn't stand a chance.  This morning on our way to work, I noticed that most of our neighbors have empty beds too.  I refuse to waste all the water it would take to keep those plants alive this year.  And with it being as hot as it is, seeing the sprinklers running is obscene somehow. It takes a good deal of water to keep grass green in this weather.  Our front yard is crispy and will stay that way unless we get some rain.  We should have planted cacti.

We saw the last Harry Potter movie last night.  It's really good.  They did a good job with telling the story and keeping the mood.  It moved along really quickly and is very dark, literally.  The landscape throughout the movie is all grey and brown.  Very little color.  We'll go see it again.  Pk wants to see it in 3D next time.  I have my reservations about that.

I am working on a mindless, mostly garter shawl at the moment.  The pattern is designed to use up bits and pieces of fingering weight yarns left over from making socks.  I'm doing it in a fairly heavy laceweight in blue and rose.  It's plain with some rows of yo and k2tog and then ends in feather and fan.  I like the design feature that has increases along the shoulders as well as down the back to it will sit on your shoulders and fit without falling off.  It's good for this time of year.  Fairly mindless and easy to modify to suit yourself. 

Just a few short months ago, we were dealing with this!  It makes me feel cooler just looking at it. 

Tomorrow night is Psychiatric Rehab night at the Phillies (local baseball team).  Unfortunately, it's supposed to be 100 degrees then, too.  We have quite a few clients that were planning to go but the heat may prevent that.  Psychotropic meds mean you shouldn't be out in the heat.  It can mess with your head.  Blood pressure meds can cause lightheadedness and the tendency to burn more easily so I'm careful.  And I really don't like baseball so we're not planning to go. 

I have a Handle with Care class to teach tomorrow.  It's a full class with 18 people signed up.  There are only two instructors so it'll be a tough day.  I just hope the a/c is working in the building we're teaching in.  That could be ugly.

As far as the knitting group goes, I'll probably not go.  The idea of paying for the priviledge of knitting somewhere is abhorrent.  I like the store and may go back sometime but probably not to knit.  Pk doesn't seem to think it's a bad thing (after all, if I go, he'll go and sit at the bar/restaurant with the good German beers) and thinks I should go at least once.  But the idea of paying just to occupy space? I don't think so.


amy said…
Stay cool! I wouldn't want to go to a baseball game in that weather either. And good luck on Saturday. I'll be thinking of you.
Bells said…
oh yes poor impatiens, they are shade lovers. They'd have no chance in a heat wave!

I think PK and Sean would get along very well. We'd go knit and they'd go have their german beers. Very happy circumstances!
Galad said…
That's too hot for your part of the country.

We had the debate about 3D for Harry Potter and didn't because it gives me a headache. Not sure whether it would be worth the extra charge for this one. Great movie though.
DrK said…
I loved the final potter too, so well done, and sad that its all over, such great movies. It's so weird seeing you all struggle through your heat wave while we freeze and drown here. I would rather the cold and rain tho, our summer is like that 80% of the time and I really think its not good for ones mental health! As for your female parts, you'd think theyd have found better ways to deal with that stuff by now. Dinner is the least you're owed.
Rose Red said…
Hope the exploration of your lady bits goes well. One of my least least favourite things in the world.

And also hope it cools down for you all soon. You can have some of our rain if you like. Apparently it has rained more here in the last 72 hours than it has for years. Ugh!

I've heard that the 3d Harry potter is quite good -not as in-your-face as some 3d movies.
KnitTech said…
Have fun at the Handle with Care class. Yes, my pansies died too, too much heat and not enough water.
Roxie said…
After sandwiches, there's always cheese and crackers, or better yet, smoothies. Fruit, yogurt, a few icecubes, and you can drink your dinner.

Hope the examination of your girly bits goes well. I take little fuzzy sockies to put on the stirrups so I can feel some control over the situation, and some sense of taking care of myself.

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