Our lovely summery weather is over and we are back to hot and humid.  We had a few absolutely picture perfect summer days in between these nasty heat waves and we took advantage of them.

On Wednesday, we left work, picked up Kate, called in an order to our favorite Chinese restaurant and headed to the river to enjoy dinner outdoors.  We had some sesame chicken and dumplings and fried rice.  Absolutely delicious and the breezes off the river felt wonderful. 

A huge tanker came down the river as we sat there.  It was riding high so we assumed it was empty.  There were several pleasure boats out there but none of the very annoying ski doos (you know those small motorized things with the whiny motors).

The ships had to share the river with these guys.  The tide was out so there was land for them to waddle onto.  They seemed to have no fear of the boats and swam around them. 

We sat and Kate and I did some knitting and we actually had to pull on a sweater.  We sat until it was time to close the park (it closes at dusk) and then packed up and left.

I love eating outside.

Thursday wasn't too bad either but a large weather system moved into the area bringing storms and then the muggy heat.  Today was miserable and it looks like it'll be this way until next Thursday.  I can't wait to see the electric bill for next month.

Pk spends his downtime at work cruising Craig's list looking for tools.  There's a man in Lambertville (about 90 mins away) selling planes and chisels.  We are getting up early tomorrow to go and check it out.  If he's lucky, there'll be some new and interesting tools to buy.  I'm going along for the ride.  Lambertville is further up the river and is a picturesque town.  It is across the river from New Hope, PA, a town that sells antiques and high end crafty things.  New Hope will be mobbed on a summer weekend so we'll avoid it but Lambertville (which has some nice shops and little places to eat) might be nice. 

Monday is a day off from work and we're planning a day at the beach.  We haven't been to swin in the ocean yet this year and are really looking forward to it. 

I finally finished my anklet socks.  I like the way they came out.  They're feminine and pretty.  The yarn suited the pattern and I'm happy with the finished product.  I haven't done much other knitting except for bits and pieces on the beaded shawl.  It's coming along slowly.  There are some bits with inc3 and I seem to have some trouble keeping the stitch count correct. 
I have 3 or 4 pairs of socks otn and I've found a hat pattern I want to try.  It's designed for handspun yarn.  I think I have one or two skeins that have enough yardage to give it a try.  Small projects that are easily put down have been the only thing I can pay attention to.

And an update on the knittng/crocheting group.  I had 2 women show up this week.  Both wanted to learn to crochet.  I think the idea of more than one hook/needle made them anxious.  The one woman was a lefty and we struggled along but she got the basics down.  The other woman (who is in my social rehab program) insisted at first that a friend of her mother's tried to teach her years ago "but I couldn't get it".  I told her not to worry.  I wasn't going to force a hook on her.  She picked one up and a ball of cotton and before you know it, had a long chain.

I gave her lots of praise and encouragement and then showed her how to build on her chain and make a square.  We're aiming for a washrag.  She was pleased and couldn't wait to show her mother.  Today she came in and beamed when she showed me her square.  It's not how I would do a double crochet but it works for her.  I told her it didn't matter so much how she did it as long as she liked it and she was consistent.  Her mother's friend was very picky and told her it "had to be done a certain way" which can be intimidating.  I was so proud.  The look on her face was worth all the weeks of no one showing up.  And she's heading out to the craft store to find some yarn to make a scarf.  I told her to touch all the balls of yarn and find one she loved.  We'll start the scarf on Tuesday (unless she starts without me!)  Best part of the day.

We did some shopping for Kate's birthday present.  She'll be 22 on Friday next.  There will be family and friends and food and presents and cake.  All the ingredients for a successful birthday party.

We just have to get through the heat first.  If you're looking for me?  I'll be the puddle in the corner.


amy said…
We're getting that weather too. The weatherman kept saying last night that a cold front would be coming by and causing thunderstorms this evening, then it would be 90 tomorrow. How is that a cold front? It was raining lightly when I went into the market this morning, and when we came out, the rain had stopped but it was like stepping out into thick soup. So muggy.

That's awesome, on the crochet. Really, Donna Lee, that counts as a huge success.
Galad said…
We've got a storm moving through tonight but probably just lots of wind and some humidity.

I'd say your group is a success if even one person walks away feeling good about themselves :-)
Kaye said…
I hate when the weather is chewy. Ugh!
Got my electric bill for last month. Double what it was the month before, but allegedly not as expensive as July 2010. Huh.
Lovely socks! Just make sure you don't accidentally put them in the wash--I lost a pair of cute girly anklets like that.
Roxie said…
Oh, your picnic in the park looks idylic!

And I celebrate with you the success of your student! There are lots of correct ways to get what you want. Choose the one that works for you!
Anonymous said…
oh people with their 'right way to do things'. they really annoy me. its so great that shes stuck with it and is pleased, well done! i feel for you with the humidity, and am really NOT looking forward to the return of ours. its been sunny and warm here (around 18-20 celsius,in winter!) without the humid, and i just dont understand why it cant stay that way all the time! well i do, but you know what i mean. enjoy your road trip.
Bells said…
oh i'm longing now for summer breezes and eating outside. it sounds lovely!

I remember when more than a hook scared me. All those stitches! It still, to this day, seems easier to me have just one stitch on the hook, but I've adapted.
Rose Red said…
I'm so glad you've had success with your knitting and crochet group. Hurrah for new draftees and for doing it whAtever wY you like, so long as it works and you are consistent - excellent advice! Also excellent advice on the yarn, I will remember that for new knitters and crocheters.

Hope you get some nice summer weather soon. We are supposed to have a day of 24C this week, I think that's About 75F. Nice! (for winter, especially!)
KnitTech said…
What a fun picnic. It's been very hot and muggy here also, which is pretty hard for us desert folk to deal with.

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