Welcome to Labor Day Weekend here in the US.  Started as a way to honor the working man/woman, it's become a day to have one of these.  Or to spend one last weekend sunning on the beach.  It's our unofficial end of summer although the calendar will tell you otherwise. 

The weather is supposed to be iffy, with thundershowers predicted on Saturday night and maybe into Sunday/Monday.  It would make it hard to refresh the tan.  I wouldn't go near the beach this weekend if you paid me.  It will be crowded and I hate that.  The irony is that the weather is darn near perfect at the shore this time of year. 

We are planning a picnic on Saturday.  On Wed nite, Pk said "how about a picnic this weekend?" and through the magic of texting, we had contacted everyone and made plans for Saturday afternoon within an hour.  He wanted to have fried chicken and potato salad but I objected to spending all morning tomorrow in the kitchen.  We're taking lunch meat and cheese and rolls and condiments and drinks.  Em is making desert and Kate is bringing chips/munchies.  It's easy and everyone can make their own sandwiches.  No standing over hot oil and frying bacon. 

Other than that, our weekend is free and clear.  We took Tuesday off as well so no work for us until Wednesday morning (I still won't be ready to go back!)

Today on our way home from work, we stopped in Haddonfield to walk around and were going to see about dinner outside at a cafe but it was too early and Pk seemed to be having some kind of allergic itching reaction to something so we came home.  While we were there we saw this sign.  It's outside the Grace Episcopal church in Haddonfield, an old stone church (I should have taken a photo of the church).  We thought it was interesting that it said guests expected.  We wondered if they enforced that before services.  "Pardon me, where is your guest?  Don't have one?  Then out you go". 

Haddonfield has lots of interesting (expensive) shops.  It's fun to window shop but deadly for the wallet to walk into the stores.  The best store is the Happy Hippo which is a toy store crammed with new and old toys both.  Lots of fun things to play with.  Which of course we did.

Now, it's getting onto dinner time and we're heading out for a Friday night pizza with my brother and his family.  They're packing for a trip to DisneyWorld so the kids should be in rare form.  Pk's been craving pepperoni so pepperoni it will be.  And extra cheese and wings and french fries.  All calorie free and good for you.

I plan to knit on the shawl this weekend and keep working on the holiday socks.  It's almost become a tradition that everyone gets new socks for Christmas and I have to start now.  I have three pairs otn and one pair planned so I'm making some progress.

Other than that?  Nothing much.  We'll eat and sleep and eat and sleep and be lazy and just enjoy each other's company.  Oh, and watch House.  We've never seen it and the first three discs are on their way to our house as we speak. 

I hope whatever your plans for the weekend are, you have an enjoyably lazy and comfortable one filled with laughter (very important) and good company.


amy said…
Enjoy your weekend! No, we probably won't attempt the beach this weekend either! :)
Kaye said…
I'm very excited for three days of nothing.

One of my attorneys received a "Labor Day Card" from a Pro-Union firm that portrayed the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. Complete with a painting of the burning building and women in the windows. Yikes. I mean I get the message. The TSF fire helped labor organizing, but yikes on the graphic portrayal!
Galad said…
Sounds like a wonderful holiday weekend. Nicole tells me House is addictive and there are many seasons. Enjoy :-)
Rose Red said…
Mmm now I want pepperoni pizza! All food eaten on holiday weekends has no calories, I'm sure I read that on the Internet somewhere, so it must be true!

Have a great long long weekend!
Roxie said…
The thing about "House" is that he is someone you would hate to know in real life and can't stop watching on TV.

Hope the picnic was wonderful! With the company you keep, it must have been.
Anonymous said…
yay for long weekends. we have one coming up in october, also 'labour day' i think. isnt it great how theyve made pepperoni calorie free and healthy now? love that :)
KnitTech said…
Yes, the long weekend was very much helpful. Glad yours was fun also.
Amy Lane said…
I am SUCH a sucker for tourist traps-- and like you, it's where I spent part of my LOONNNNGGGG weekend. (But I do love east coast names... Haddonfield...)

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