I saw this today and it gave me a laugh and so I thought I'd share it with you. 

I've spent the last two days sitting in one place and trying to pay attention to the world around me.  Today was a bit better but this virus has knocked me on my ass.  I had very little voice but today it seems to be better.  Tea with honey is a lifesaver but I'm tired of tea at this point. 

I've done some knitting.  By knitting very very slowly, I was able to work on the beaded shawl.  I am on the final clue and am feeling hopeful.  I'll be back to work tomorrow.  If we take more than 2 days off in a row, the HR people get involved and it gets ugly.  I feel better but am still congested.  I'll just take it slow when I go back.  I can only imagine the mess I'm facing.

Things around here have very quickly moved back to normal.  Pk was disappointed that more trees didn't come down.  He's always on the look out for more stash.  We're not in a flood prone area so we were safe, just the water in the lowest level of the house and that's gone. 

And someone asked why a vacuum would be on the Emergency List.  It's a wet/dry shop vac.  It's what we've always used as a vacuum cleaner because of the hardwood floors.  Evidently, everyone else  thought they'd be a good thing to have.  Pk is going to see if he can fix ours but usually, when the motor goes, it's gone for good.

Tomorrow we'll try to go grocery shopping and see if they've restocked the shelves. 

Oh, and another comic from yesterday that made me laugh out loud.  XKCD is one of my favorites and I look forward to his strips

I do spend a good portion of my early morning looking at comics.  I like to start my day off with a laugh.  And today, I'm sharing some with you.


amy said…
We use a wet vac to suck up the water that gets in the basement, although we think (knock wood) that's all been taken care of now. The first spring we lived here my husband was away and the basement began to flood on the farthest end and I sucked up the water until the thing got full, then lugged it all the way across, up a step, down a step, through the garage, tipped it over, dumped it out, did it again. I was five months pregnant, with a 2yo. Fun. But, the wet vacs are good to have on hand.

I was thinking, every time they said "The last strong hurricane to hit New England was Bob, almost exactly 20 years ago" that wow, 20 years ago we were only on "B" at this time, and now we're up to "I."

Feel better soon, I hope!
Kaye said…
Hahahaha! I never thought of woodworkers crossing their fingers for downed trees...love it!

One thing I learned about this storm: try to buy a house that doesn't have a leaky basement, or at least don't assume it can't flood. Too many people seemed to be bailing out!
KnitTech said…
Makes sense about the shop vac. I never would have even thought about using it to get flood water out.
Roxie said…
Lessee, You had earthquake, hurricane, flood and plague. I'd say you have just about used up your allotted share of disasters by now. In the last post, you did anticipate a quiet week, but fighting a virus just doesn't seem like what you were looking for. Hope you get the better of it soon. Hooray for tea with honey!
Anonymous said…
i often wonder how cyclones (as we call hurricanes here) get their names. for a while here they only used female names, which is you know, kinda sexist. our worst one recently was larry. not surprising, with a name like that. i love the comic about the blogging as journalism. how many people these days think having an internet connection makes them a writer?! hilarious.
Anonymous said…
oh wait, i forgot about cyclone Yasi this year. i wonder where they got that name from?!

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