We are patting ourselves on our very humble backs this morning since we got up on our day off and WENT TO THE GYM.  Yep.  We had no real expectations as to how well we would do and lots of expectations on how sore our muscles would be (sitting still for any length of time would be a bad thing today).  And it was pouring rain as we got ready to walk out the door but we went. 

It is our intention that this is the first of two visits this week and there will be two visits next week and then the following week, we'll work up to 3 visits a week.  We have a PLAN and hopefully will stick to it this time.  I managed to do 15 minutes and almost a mile on the eliptical machine and some abdominal exercises, thigh muscle workout and some shoulder exercises.  Enough for one day. 

We did so well for the first 10 months or so last year, up until November.  For some reason, we stopped and then sporadically made attempts to restart.  Our gym bags sat in the car most of the spring and summer but that did not spur us to actually carry them into the gym and use them. 

What was different today?  I realized over the weekend that I need to wear my 'fat jeans' and I don't like that.  Most of my clothes still fit but jeans are not very forgiving.  I don't want to wear the fat jeans, I want to wear the less fat jeans (I don't have skinny jeans, not having been skinny since I got married and had kids).  Pk's work pants are tight and he's uncomfortable and neither of us is willing to move up another size.  As I sit here and feel my muscles stiffening up, I remember what one of my coworkers said "it's good pain"  (as if there is such a thing).  I'll just keep moving around every few minutes and that should help.

One other good thing about going to the gym is that I eat less.  I spend all that time working my muscles and don't want to eat crap. We were going to come home and have some sausage and gravy and biscuits but chose instead to have sandwiches and some soup for dinner. 

It's an ugly day today.  It's cool and as I said, rainy.  I'm going to knit (and get up at the end of every row and take a turn around the room!) and enjoy my last day of the long weekend.  I got A Game of Thrones (George RR Martin) for my mp3 player and I want to listen to it today.  Em liked it but told me everyone dies so I'm prepared. 

And we've watched the first 8 episodes of House.  He's a 'right bastard' isn't he?  But I can' t decide if he's one of those people who cares down deep or is it all about him?  I hope they allow the character to grow or else it would get pretty boring and probably wouldn't have sustained itself for 8 seasons.  We have one more disc to go and we'll watch it tonight and then make a decision about the rest. 

Em has found Dr. Who.  Except she found Matt Smith whom I cannot embrace.  He's ok and maybe he'll grow on me but I'm having a hard time.  She loves him ("it's the hair").  We had such a nice picnic on Saturday.  We watched some barges get pushed by tugboats and some container ships move down the river and of couse, the planes travelling into and out of the airport.  There were sandwiches and some homemade cole slaw and cookies and chips.  And laughter and stories and fun.  I have a nice family and I really do appreciate that fact. 

Next weekend is the Garden State Sheep Breeders Show here in NJ (the Garden State).  We're planning on going on Sunday since that's when Kate can get off from work.  It's not nearly as big as MDSW or Rhinebeck but it showcases local sheep and wool and yarn.  I like to see what's local and support our local folks.  And Pk is excited because there will be alpacas.  He and Kate continue to (not so) secretly  plot to bring some home and have a small herd in the back yard.  I think our town has some sort of exotic pets ordinance.

It's supposed to be cool and rainy all week and then sunny over the weekend so the show will be muddy but clear.  I have boots, I can deal.  And it's back to work tomorrow but it's only a 3 day week.  I could get so used to this 4 day weekend deal.  But I want to get paid the same......


amy said…
Oh, yucky rainy day here too, absolutely matches my mood for the first day of school.

House does get boring. I've lost interest the past few seasons because it's just more of the same with him. But it's good early on.
Roxie said…
Hooray for a trip to the gym! Yay for you! That's one in a row.

I'm not an avid fan of House, so I haven't seen it tenough to get bored. I do enjoy seeing all the different tests and diseases they come up with. And I do see glimpses of humanity as he progresses.
Sheepish Annie said…
I am impressed. I came home from the first day of school today and worked out, but the holiday? Nope.

I finally found the love for the "new" Doctor, but it took a while, I must admit. Now I find him kind of charming and I love River Song!!!
Anonymous said…
Other than tell you of a number of good abdominal exercises for women, I'll let you know how it is that you can get rid of the fat faster around your abdominal region. So let's start off with a few proven core exercises.
Kaye said…
Hee hee, skinny jeans are bizarre anyway!
Yeah, this rain from the Gulf Hurricane is proving to be more than that darn Irene!
KnitTech said…
I hear you about the gym. Last night was a real workout at karate and my calves kept protesting most of the session. (Moooo) We can do this, we may not want to, but we can do it.
Anonymous said…
yay you on the gym thing. it is really hard to stay motivated, youd think that summer would make it easier but it doesnt. all that sweat. ugh. i feel better for walking more lately tho. never been a fan of house and i do love dr who but i wish matt smith was david tennant. sigh. and i have just finished reading the 5th book in the game of thrones series and i loved them all. not everyone dies tho. sometimes you think they have but maybe they havent :)
Alwen said…
I read once that sometimes you just have to start before you can talk yourself out of it.

I'm pretty good at talking myself out of things, so that really stuck. Sometimes I just have to get moving before I can think too much about it!
Bells said…
that threat of 'going up another size' is real and scary isn't it? That slow creep....good on you both!

I do love Matt Smith. He's funny and kind of vulnerable, but I still think I prefer David Tenant.

A Game of Thrones is full on. We just watched the first season on download - Sean has read the books. Gripping, amazing stuff!
Amy Lane said…
Wow-- cool and rainy actually doesn't sound bad. And the gym is SUCH a hard habit to get into!

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