What five decisions are you most proud of?  I was browsing blogs at work this morning (as you do) when I came across schmutzie and this was her question (which she got from someone else).  I like reading her blog.  It's about real life and she's a good writer and a crocheter and an all around interesting person.  I was having a hard time thinking of five actual decisions I've made since it seems like I often just let things happen, which is a decision all its own.

-marrying Peter Kevin
-having children
-teaching myself to knit
-becoming a social worker

Marrying Peter Kevin.  This decision has led to the best parts of my life.  I have known such joy and contentment in my life and he is the best part of it.  When we got married, it was despite opposition from my parents and that relationship never recovered.  It changed the way we lived our lives and made us determined to prove my dad wrong and to have a good life.  I think we have succeeded so far.

Having children.  I'm not sure this was a decision or something we just assumed we'd do.  Luckily for us, nature cooperated and we were able to have the family we wanted.  My children are the absolute best.  They are bright and funny and beautiful and just lovely to be around. They are the best parts of us.

Blogging.  This may seem like an odd thing to think of as a good decision but for me, it has proven to open up my life and let a whole crew of interesting, creative, giving, wonderful folks in.  You all have enriched my life in ways I can't even name. 

Teaching myself to knit.  This was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  It has given my inner creative spirit an outlet and also led to connections with people all over the world.  It's also become a hobby that I can share with my girls and even peripherally with my husband.

Becoming a social worker.  This job, while often having the capacity to tear the heart right out of my chest, allows me to nurture, encourage, counsel and generally help people.  I am one of those people who needs to do this so being a social worker gives me a way to fulfill a need in myself and get paid for it.

There are probably other decisions I've made that were good ones (and I am absolutely sure there are an equal number of bad ones) but these were the ones that came to mind.  It's amazing how often I allow things to just happen.  I'm not usually a passive person when something's important but I am certainly a 'don't sweat the small stuff' kind of person.  And I absolutely believe things work out for the best in the end. 

So, what do you think are your best decisions?


amy said…
Marrying my husband. Everything good in my life stems from that decision, and it's not one to make cavalierly. I don't mean that getting married was a good decision; I mean choosing him.

Saving our money and putting short-term wants aside to think long term. We have the house we have because of it, among other things. Someday maybe we'll get a honeymoon, but in the long-term I'd rather have a house with a reasonable mortgage.

Deciding I didn't want a career. In high school I figured out I could have a nice career--I'm of the generation that was told we females could be and do anything--or raise my own kids. Even at 17 I knew with my particular personality (um, a bit of a control freak), I wouldn't be able to do both in a way that made me happy. I worked, but I never took the steps that would turn any particular job into a career, because I didn't want to have to choose between a career and kids when the time came.

Having kids.

Living where we do (versus anyplace else in the state we looked). I love where we live. I love the birds, the animals, the nearness to the ocean, the trees--I think loving where you live affects quality of life, definitely.

How lucky am I that I could make those choices, that we could even choose where or how to live? It's a level of luxury I think we often take for granted.
Kaye said…
Yeah definitely marrying and having kids sooner rather than later. That's my top two. Hmmm...as for the other three...probably leaving AK to see the rest of the country is one. Hopefully returning to AK can be my #4 and #5? Hmm...I don't know!
Rose Red said…
Interesting question! In addition to the husband and family, I am pleased I chose to go to university where I did, do the degrees that I did, and change careers when I did. And I am pleased I had the ability to do all of those things (which isn't really a choice as such, I know).
Anonymous said…
what an interesting thought provoking post. and challenging too. so the first one for me is obviously the decision to stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol. not having poison in my system every day helps with having a clear head, being healthy, and being grateful to be alive! everything good i have in my life is because of that decision. the second is to pursue my education. getting my phd cost a lot, personally and financially, and sometimes i think it wasnt worth it, but it really really is. thirdly is taking up knitting. so much joy from the sticks and string, all the wonderful people ive met, all that creativity! fourthly is getting rid of people that dont care about or respect me. thats meant family members as well as so called friends. and finally, having dogs. people who dont have pets have no idea how much joy and love and compassion and caring they bring. i think maybe its a bit like how you feel about kids. (and not having THOSE is a decision i only sometimes regret!) thanks for the post donnalee xx
Roxie said…
1. Releasing my baby for adoption
2. Leaving my first husband
3. accepting my current husband.
4. accepting that I am a writer

Leaving room for more. There's still a lot of life ahead of me.

Knitting wasn't a decision, any more than breathing is.
KnitTech said…
Those are very excellent points.
Bells said…
lovely post. I don't really want to post my decisions but thanks for the thought provoking ideas.

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