This was our house on Tuesday when we got home from work.  Those are deadly looking, aren't they?  Our gutter leaks there but the ground has been so wet/snowcovered/muddy under the window that Pk was afraid to put a ladder up to put on a new piece of gutter.  As soon as the weather clears, he'll do that.

Needless to say, the peas did not get planted.  We're hoping to get to them this weekend (no rain in the forecast). There are, however, snow showers in the forecast for later next week.  I will try to remember this in August when we're complaining of the heat.

Pk has been having a hard time at work.  One of the managers wants him gone and gone he will be.  Probably sooner rather than later.  And since PA is an "at will " state, they can fire him without giving a reason.  It's very stressful since the job market is so tight.  And we only have a year and a half on our mortgage.  It would be a good time for us to win the lottery.

He actually feels a bit relieved.  The writing is clearly on the wall and he doesn't have to guess anymore.  I am feeling stressed and more than a bit anxious.  He'll be covered under my insurance but his salary is significantly more than mine.  There will be a lot of belt tightening in our household.

All of this cold weather has brought out our need for warm comfort foods.  I've made chicken and dumplings and pot pie and stew and this.  Cream of Potato soup with bacon and cheddar cheese.  It was absolutely delicious.  I really like the soup alone but the bacon and cheese just make it better , kinda like how a hamburger is good but a bacon cheeseburger is better.  Bacon and cheese make most everything taste better.

I found a new copy of the pattern for Kate's dress and the cutting and pinning will commence soon.  She has opted not to help but wants to leave it up to me.  Kate has never een a frilly girl and this style looks just perfect on her.  I love making formal dresses.  I like playing with the sparkly bits and the fancy fabrics. 

I just finished most of the grocery shopping here at my desk and will stop at the store to get the rest and pick up my order.  I am getting used to using this service.  It feels like giving myself a small gift of time.

And in case you didn't see this yet, let me introduce you to the newest time suck I have found.  It's a game called 2048.  It was developed by an Italian teenager and it's here  I apologize in advance for the hours you are going to lose.  It's deceptively simple to learn and then unbelievably addictive.  I am not a number game person but this one grabbed me and won't let go.

"Hello, my name is Donna Lee and I am addicted to 2048"........(I can see it now)


Rose Red said…
The dress will be so gorgeous!

I'm sorry about PK's job. At will employment is so wrong. I do understand about it being a relief for him, it will be a great opportunity for a new start, I hope. Fingers crossed a much better job will present itself.
Saren Johnson said…
Knowing is still stressful, hope it goes smoothly when it does happen.

The highest I've made it is 1028.
DrK said…
gorgeous dress, gorgeous icicles, but i am sorry to hear this about PK. as you say, it's sometimes good to go but i know how difficult it is job wise there at the moment. i have my fingers crossed xx

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