May the Fourth be with you.

Happy Star Wars Day!

I can remember the first time I saw Star Wars in the theater.  It was June 1977.  I had just gotten home from college and my best high school friend called and said, "We should go see this movie.  I hear it's good".

"Good".  It literally blew me away.  We waited in an unprecedentedly long line and had to sit in the front (which I hate) but Wow.  It was such an impressive movie.  I think I went back and saw it 26 times in the theater (yes, children, this was in the days long before vhs).   It remains one of my very favorite movies ever.  Something about the good guys winning against incredible odds.

My sinuses have been giving me fits all week as our weather teeters between damp/cold and rainy/warm and sunny.  All in the same day or two.  Today it's that wonderful kind of misty day.  If you stand outside for any real length of time, you'll be wet but it just feels like walking through the clouds.  The fog on the bridge made it feel like we were in a Steven King novel and I was ready for the tentacles to come through the windows. 

Pk always says "don't worry, I'll save you.  I have a plan".  He always scopes out the other passengers to see who we can use as a ladder to get out of the train when/if it falls off the bridge.  He takes for granted that we will survive.  Well, that HE will survive and will drag me along with him. 

This weekend is MDSW.  I was pretty sure I wasn't going to go this year.  But as the day grew closer, I found that I wanted to go.  I don't need anything so it's probably a good time to go.  I have plently of spinning fiber and developing a yarn stash is not one of my goals so I can just browse and touch.  Best part of these things is that you are allowed to touch things.  Pk is bringing the cooler with ice in case anyone is selling lamb.  It feels faintly cannibalistic to have lamb grilling all day at a sheep show.  Do the sheep know what that smell is?

Em is busy with her friend's wedding so she can't go but Kate is game.  I find myself becoming a tiny bit excited.

I have to call the Jury Folks this afternoon.  I have once again gotten a summons for jury duty.  This is a federal jury and they "have me" for 2 weeks if they need me.  I think if they say they don't need me on Monday, I have to keep calling to see if they need me another day for 2 weeks.  This makes it a bit difficult to plan to have things at work run smoothly in my absence since I'm not exactly sure when my absence may/may not be.  I'm not fretting since I have absolutely no control over this.

Well, speaking of work, I have a ton to get done for Monday.  Whether I am here or not, life goes on.  I have a blurb from a magazine on my cork board that says "The world will not fall apart in my absence".  It's right but boy, can it work itself into an unholy mess.  So, I'm going to drink my Peppermint Mocha Latte (decaf) that I buy myself twice a month (expensive and way too many calories but god is it good) and see what the blinking light on the phone is all about.

Have a good weekend.  I'll (hopefully) have some sheepy photos to share with you on Sunday.


KnitTech said…
I agree whole heartedly about the world won't fall apart, but the mess it leaves makes me want to not come back.

We talk about the zombie threat, while training in karate. I point out, my plan for survial is to die with the other 90% and be a trained zombie. Thus making it harder for them. They don't appreciate me.
Kate said…
When I'm in a crowded area, I always find myself assessing my survival odds in various situations against those around me. Patrick does the same thing as Dad, though--takes it for granted that he'll survive, and therefore that I will to.
Kaye said…
i've got a little over a month before i go back to the mess. my poor replacement is very close to quitting having had to do my job. wish it didn't have to be that way.
have fun at mds&w! hope the weather/pollen cooperates!
amy said…
Have fun at the wool show! Last weekend we went to a local farm and bought some (frozen) free-range chicken and grass-fed steak, then walked around looking at the animals that would one day end up in the freezer. I'm fine if all my kids decide to become vegetarians. I can take or leave meat, really, and I get sick of having to touch it before I cook it. Blech.
Galad said…
Have fun with the sheep and wool!
Galad said…
Have fun with the sheep and wool!
Bells said…
how odd that you've been called for Jury Duty again. I've never even been called once and know hardly anyone who has! I kind of wish I could be called. I'd like to try it.

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