Happy New Year!! I think my pre holiday post was prescient.  I actually had time to post but didn't have energy or the will to do much more than stare off into space and watch old videos.  Yes, we had the Holiday Plague here.  Pk started it in early December and managed to spread it to me and Elanor just in time for Christmas.

It wasn't helped by the fact that it was 75 F on Christmas Eve.  We went outside around 9 pm to see Santa ride by and we were in t shirts and quite comfortable outside.  Quite a shock to our systems since we are usually bundled in all the sweaters.

So, most of our holidays were spent in pajamas.  I knit a small bit but not enough energy led to many days of just sitting and sleeping.
There were amazing handmade presents.
Peter Kevin made this ball winder for me.  What's that you say?  It doesn't look like a ball winder?  Well, it's one of those wooden ones that makes large cakes of yarn.  It's in pieces because one of the gears broke in the process of putting it together so it's being re cut.  The large gear has spokes that are sheep.   It's very cool.
There were tiny little computers called Raspberry Pi.  That's the motherboard.  The sad thing is that it's more powerful than my laptop.......
There was some knittting.  I made a pair of socks for me out of some extraordinary self striping yarn.  
There was Barm Brak an Irish raisin bread that was delicious
I washed some yarn and hung it to dry.  The one in the middle is called Exploding Tardis and it is knitting up like this in some mitts for me
It's very "organic" looking but I love the bits of orange and the sparkly bits that show up.
There was a "skull cap" for Jim.  He enjoyed the pun and my very rough skull.
And penguinski s alive and well.  Em left this for us to find on Christmas morning.  I guess it's a fair payback for the blow up penguin we left in her bathtub.

We had a quiet New Year's and were asleep before 12.  We're back to work and moving back into our routines.  Christmas will be put away this weekend.  I will enjoy the space when the tree comes down, I miss the colorful lights.

How were your holidays?  Were they festive?  Any resolutions? (Or as one of my clients says, "revolutions")?  I am going to be kinder to myself and try to take better care of myself.  Nothing too strict.

So, have a happy and healthy 2016!  


Galad said…
Glad to hear you are on the mend after the crud swept through the family. It was weird weather in Iowa while I was there too, but not nearly as warm as yours! I didn't make any resolutions this year. I got a fitbit for Christmas which is making me more conscious of my food choices and the need to increase my activity level. I'm struggling with a painful knee this winter which doesn't help that a bit. Hope that your 2016 is joyful, healthy and quietly fulfilling :)
Olivia said…
Wow, that ball winder with the carved sheep is fantastic! Must have been a lot of work. And the skull cap - very witty :)
amy said…
Happy New Year! My kids have called them revolutions too. Nope, no resolutions. Anything that needs to wait until January 1 probably isn't that important. Just living as I always do, which means trying hard every day. ;)
Saren Johnson said…
The ball winder is amazing! PK does wonderful stuff.

Not doing any resolutions this year. Wait, deciding to be kinder to myself, does that count?
DrK said…
happy new year from this terrible correspondent! there are so many beautiful images in this post, that sock yarn! that wood work! i am really hoping that 2016 brings you some good juju xx

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