The rest of the week passed quickly and warmly.  The ornamental pear trees are white puffs and I never noticed before but they have a rather unpleasant smell.  I kept hoping for a quick burst of rain this weekend to wash the pollen out of the air and to wash the blossoms off those trees.  No such luck.

Instead we had a "partly sunny" weekend.  Actually, there was little sun visible but also only a little bit of rain here and there.  The temperatures did drop (but not to the freezing point, Roxie) and we are wearing socks and sweatshirts again.

Saturday morning we all got up early because we had PLANS.  I was dropping Pk and Elanor off in the woods with Em and Kate and Kobold so they could hike.  First we dropped Em's car off at the end of the trail and I left them about a half mile from Apple Pie Hill in the Wharton State Forest.

As you can see, the sun is out.  Kate bought Kobold a backpack of his own that carried his water dish and water. 

I kissed everyone (but the dog) goodbye and drove the 45 minutes back toward civilization to keep my promise to myself to get my toes prettified. 

I was a bit concerned because as I headed toward home, the clouds were thickening and raindrops were splattering on the windshield.  I hoped my family was not getting rained on.

I waited only about 10  minutes for my pedicure which was not bad for a Saturday morning.  I have a hard time letting anyone else touch my feet.  I am so ticklish.  I was giggling throught the massage and pumicing of the feet  but it was worth it.  Just look at those fluorescent white feet with the cherry red toenails.

I also got a manicure but that is a nice, soft pink.  I think red on my fingers would be too distracting.  I would have to stop what I was doing to look at my hands.  I don't know how much work I'd get done if I were admiring my nails all day.

This took about an hour and I had just walked in the door of the house thinking I would eat and then hit a craft store, when I got a text to the effect that my family of intrepid explorers had taken the wrong trail and would now have a 13 mile hike instead of a 6 mile one.  I texted back (jokingly), "do you need me to rescue you?". 

The phone rang two minutes later.  Why yes, they would like me to rescue them.  Could I meet them at the Carranza Memorial?  They were only a mile or so from there. 

I said "of course" and looked for it on the computer and found directions.  About an hour away.  I couldn't put on shoes and socks yet since my toenails were dry but not hardened so I went back out in my sandals.  I wasn't a happy camper and when I pulled up to the spot that the GPS told me was THE spot, they were no where to be found.

I sat there and waited and a man pulled up in a pick up truck and got out with an axe in his hand.  Every horror movie I'd ever seen came flashing through my brain.  He was just using it to pound a stake with a sign on it into the shoulder of the road (what, he didn't have a mallet?) but for a split second, my heart was tap dancing.

He asked me if I was alright and I told him I was there to find my family ("yes, people know I am here so don't get any ideas with that axe") but I hadn't seen them yet.  He told me he'd passed a group down the road.  I drove down the road a bit and there they were all tired and happy to be picked up.

I was less than gracious but eventually got over my pique.  We all had Chinese food for dinner together and Em drove home.  I felt bad for giving my family bad attitude when they asked to be rescued but I eventually got over it. They couldn't help it and it's not like me to do that. I guess I was looking forward to some time for me more than I realized. Why would I feel guilty for feeling bad? I think it's programming from when I was a little girl. You know, 'always be nice, always help out, everyone else comes first' kind of thing. I was really indoctrinated into the cult of Being a Lady. It must go deeper than I thought.

Today we navigated through a different grocery store and it was not fun.  I don't get how it's organized.  I would put all the pasta in one aisle and call it the Pasta Aisle.  They put all the Italian brands of pasta with the Italian products (spaghetti sauce and such).  All the other brands were scattered around the aisles.  We were not impressed and will try another one next time. Eventually, we'll have to choose a new store to frequent.  I like the routine of going to the same place and knowing what I'm looking for. 

Tonight we're having Leftover Soup. There's some leftover roast beef and some leftover vegetables in the fridge.  Add some broth and some tomatoes and you have a yummy, tasty soup.  We'll have grilled cheese and call it good.

The day is flying by.  The laundry is almost done.  I love my new washer, even if it's still seems alien not to have an agitator in the middle and if it makes most of the major decisions.  The storm system that has been sitting on top of us all weekend seems to be moving along.  The day is brighter which is nice.

I'm looking forward to spinning some bats from The Cupcake Fiber Company that came yesterday.  They're adorably boxed in bakery style boxes so that the fiber arrives soft and fluffy and not all compacted.  Joan sells them on Etsy and if you spin, they're marvelous.  The one I ordered is bfl/silk in a deep chocolate brown.  I think it will be a joy to spin.

Wow my mind has wandered all around here today.  I think maybe it's stream of consciousness blogging but that assumes a consciousness!  I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend.


Roxie said…
You are rescuing angel! What a trooper you are. I hope they gave you kisses and hugs and praise and adequate gratitude. Falling down and kissing that pretty pedicure would not have been excessive.

Yeah, pear blossoms do have a rather "off" fragrance, don't they? But the pears can be so yummy that you gotta forgive them for stinking.

Your soup sounds lovely. And I love a rambling blog-post so please don't apologize! Have a good week!
amy said…
You know, in the days before cell phones, they'd have had to figure it out (bring a compass, maybe? remember those!?) and you'd have gotten your me time. We all need our alone time; don't feel bad for wanting it.

I know, on the grocery store. Whenever I'm in a different one for some reason it's so disconcerting. And sometimes they change up the aisles in my regular one. But my 10yo and I can typically whip right through the store because we know just what we're doing, which is nice, because it's a bit of a drive and any saved time is helpful. I have to admit to just wanting the grocery shopping to be DONE every week. If I only were Mrs. Weasley. I'd summon my groceries right to my kitchen and save so much time.
Louiz said…
Pretty toes! And boo for not enough you time - I've been known to take a day off just to get some me time:)
Rose Red said…
I had some alone time yesterday and spent it cleaning the bathroom, making the bed, folding washing and trimming Jasmine. I would much rather have been having a pedicure! But at least I don't have to do those other things with a toddler underfoot, so I am grateful for that!

I love having the first pedicure of "summer" - the bright toenails remind me of warm days ahead, it never fails to cheer.
Bells said…
your pedicure looks great! So vibrant.

I'm ropeable if I miss out on longed for alone time. I don't blame you. Sounds like you made amends though.
Anonymous said…
i love your toes!! a very good job. i know what you mean about the rescuing. i've had to do it for a certain person and dogs getting lost once or twice and i was a bit piqued too because it ruined what i had planned but then you laugh and its ok. im with you on the grocery store issue too, i drive past two to get to the one i like! silly really...
Olivia said…
I get annoyed when my 'me' time is unexpectedly shortened. Glad they were ok though (and you - the axe man story made me laugh!!)
KnitTech said…
Its hard to find a new store to shop at, we're all creatures of habit.

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