I am home today because, well, because I could.  We were expecting a delivery of a large and heavy piece of equipment.  It's a woodworking thing and since it's made of cast iron, it's weighty.

At 10 o'clock this morning, this pulled up out front.  I think it's the largest delivery truck that isn't delivering a house full of furniture that I've ever seen.  When Pk ordered his machine, he paid for delivery.  They sent an email saying that we had to pay an extra 34 dollars for the driver to put the package onto the liftgate and lowering it to the ground. 

He was incensed and called them and said we would cancel the order and buy it from someone else.   They relented and the driver lowered the large and heavy box to the street. 

We put it onto wheels and dragged it to the garage and he's been happily unpacking and putting together parts all day.  It will be a jointer (and I have no idea what it does but it's a pretty green color)

I spend most of the day working on my madlii's shawl and dozing in the chair.  I think my allergies are in full bloom.  I took some medication but it only can do so much.  My throat is sore and my head is stuffed.  I don't feel sick, just snotty.    Pk didn't really need me to help with his delivery but a day off is a day off.

I spent a day over the weekend playing with the alpaca that I washed.  Here is a bag of clean alpaca fuzz.   After a bit of time with the hand carders, it looks like a cloud. It's soft and feels so lovely.  I spun it into a single and will eventually make a 3 ply yarn. 

I have been practicing my navajo plying and have decided I like it.  It does use up the singles but the yarn it makes is round and nice and if I pay attention and do it carefully, it's nice.  The fluff still has some bits of grass in it even after carding.  I pull the bigger bits out as I spin it but inevitably some smaller bits remain.  Pk has already told me "that would make a great sweater for me".  I told him not to hold his breath.

This weekend, Pk and the girls are going hiking.  I'm driving them into the woods and then I'll have a day to myself.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I'm thinking of getting the first pedicure of the season.  I like to get one in the beginning of the season and then I can keep it up.  I let my toenails be naked all winter so they can rest and breathe. I'm looking forward to having bright red toes again.  A sure sign of spring (as if all these trees with the flowers weren't enough!).

Roxanne (from artwalk sock yarn) sent out a beautiful substitute yarn this month.  She used one of Monet's water lily paintings and a merino/cashmere/silk single to put it on.  It's a beautiful skein of yarn.  I spent some time last night looking for a pattern for a small scarf/shawl.  It's much too beautiful to be a pair of socks.  The greens and blues are speaking to me and I'm going to make Violets are Blue out of it.  It's a simple pattern that will show off the colors of the yarn and allow it to shine.  I have a few things going on so it'll wait but only for a bit.  I can't wait to play with the yarn.

I have so enjoyed having today off.  Clinic has been busy lately and not having to deal with three this week is like a blessing.  I have a stack of paperwork to finish when I get to work tomorrow but I am loving it today. 

My hair continues to grow.  I forgot how the humid weather affects it.  It just gets wavier and curlier as it gets more humid.  I have a lot of hair and I'm not used to it and don't know quite what to do with it.  I need to get some barrettes and such.  I can't wait for it to be long enough to just pull it back.  We're going to get temps up to almost 80 degrees this week.  It's unheard of and really unwelcome.  We've skipped right over March, April and May and have moved right into June.  Everyone is getting nervous that this all indicates a really hot summer.

I hope not.


Kaye said…
Oog. Well think of it this way: I thought a snowstorm in October meant a really long and cold winter. We know that was a bust!
Glad you enjoyed your day off!
Roxie said…
I predict uncommon weather all year long. But red toes are good any old time. So cheery.

PK's big woodwork thingy is cool! And now you'll know for sure where to find him for the next few months. Should we send him wood for his birthday?
amy said…
Mine gets frizzy in the humidity. There is always a point in August where I'm tempted to cut it all off. I'm liking my cheery headbands for keeping it out of my face, but since it's nearing two feet long, I use a great big clip to keep it off my neck in summer, or a braid over one shoulder to keep it out of my way. Like some 18th century grandma...
Sheepish Annie said…
I still can't help but think that we are going to get slammed with one more storm before this is over. Mother Nature is funny that way! For today, though, I shall prepare for the 80 degrees coming my way and just enjoy it. :)
KnitTech said…
A day off during the week is wonderful! Our day is Friday.
Rose Red said…
We have had such a wet summer, hardly any proper summer weather at all - I don't know if that means we are going to have a really cold winter or a very mild, dry one!

violets are Blue is a great pattern, sounds like a good match for your yarn.
Olivia said…
I love having a day off during the week. Preferably without having to be snotty though - I hope your allergies clear up quickly.

We've had strange weather patterns on this side of the world too. I think it's La Nina but I don't really know. I hope we don't have a rainy winter after our rainy summer. Sunshine makes the winter bearable!
DrK said…
hmmm im scared youre going to have a really hot summer too, esp the two weeks of june 15 to 29. but i shouldnt complain, we havent had a hot one here this year. so who knows what's going on. im looking forward to seeing your longer hair and red toenails in person though!
Bells said…
I'm with you on the toenail thing. That first time of wearing open toed shoes with bright nails is a lovely little spring ritual for me too!

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