Grace in Small Things

* cooler weather (statistically, this past summer had the 2nd hottest August and was 3rd overall)
* Puffs tissues (allergies make them a necessity)
* "Vampire birthday" short stories on the mp3 player
* mandalas
* Selsun Blue shampoo

I was working on the Happy Socks (that's what I call the colorful socks in my mind) and Pk asked me "how long would it take to make a pair of booties?"  I thought that someone at work must be pregnant and said "a few hours".  He asked me to make a pair to take with him on Sunday.  He's going to York, PA to spend the day with a man who has a blacksmith forge.  They are going to do manly things and the man and his wife just had a baby.  Pk wanted some way to thank him for his time. 

I have finished one baby sock and am mostly finished another.  They are adorable just because they're small.  If I have time, I will make a hat to match. 

I am listening to a collection of stories edited by Charlaine Harris called Many Bloody Returns.  They are all about vampires and birthdays.  Since each author has a different take on the vampire legend, they're all different.  Ms. Harris contributed a short Sookie Stackhouse story that was terrific.  The three I've listened to so far (I'm in the middle of I Was A Teenaged Vampire) have been entertaining. 

One of my jobs is to lead social rehabilitation groups.  I tend to focus on positive things and positive ways to deal with symptoms without adding medications.  I have been using mandalas for this purpose.  I once watched a pair of Buddhist monks working on a mandala made of colored sand.  The design was intricate and beautiful.  They worked on a round table in a hallway and when they were done, they blew it all away.  The mandala demonstrated how ephemeral beauty is.  In my group, I have designs on paper, some very intricate and others very simple.  I use them as a focus for quiet meditation and peaceful thoughts.    My clients seem to enjoy it and when your hands are busy in a creative endeavor, it seems to free up other parts of your brain and the conversation can be interesting.  They (and I) enjoy the coloring.  I loved to color as a child but somehow it's not seen as an "adult" thing to do.  It takes some people a while to get over the idea that they're being childish and when they do, they love it.

Today, I am grateful for Selsun Blue shampoo.  It's ugly stuff but I have psoriasis on my scalp (and in my ears) and it works so well.  The relief from the itchiness is blissful.

I wore my denim jacket to work and exchanged it for my fleece jacket when I got into the building.  I keep the fleece on my chair for when it's cold in here.  Since the temps outside have moderated, it is freezing in here.  Tomorrow I'll be at the main hospital building for a training on Domestic Violence.  I've heard the women talk before and they're good.  I'll wear a sweater because I have a feeling it's cold over there, too.

This week flew by.  Em is inching toward her walk.  She's up to 17 miles (which at 3 mph is almost 6 hours on the treadmill.  Ugh) and only needs 850 -ish dollars to go.  I'm so proud of  her.  She's done an amazing job.  And she's already talking about next year. 

Have a good Thursday.


Roxie said…
Love your mandalas. Color play makes my head so happy! I think the idea of busy hands freeing locked tongues is one of the reasons quilting bees were so important to our pioneer foremothers. Our knitting gatherings are so relaxed and intimate.

PK is a dear, dear man! And you are a sweet woman to knit for him!
Galad said…
So many things to be grateful for. Isn't it amazing how a simple thing like shampoo can improve the quality of our lives?
Alwen said…
For a long time, I was the only adult I knew who had her own crayons!
Anonymous said…
glad to hear its getting cooler. i saw the dalai llama give a talk one time, and there was a mandala the size of a room out in the foyer, and then they blew it away when the talk was over. amazing. makes you think doesnt it.
Rose Red said…
I love to colour sometimes too - when the kids get the colouring in books out (although I'm perhaps too much of a perfectionist when I'm colouring!).

PK is very thoughtful and you are very kind to help him out.
KnitTech said…
Nice color plays, those would make awesome socks.
Amy Lane said…
Ooh... I'm going to use that mandalas thing-- that's amazing!
Anonymous said…
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