It's been a while since I had any thoughts that I thought were worth sharing. I gave myself a computer holiday and didn't turn it on over the weekend.  At all.  It was liberating.  I listened to my mp3 player and talked to my family and read some books.  A lovely peaceful weekend.    Our weather has been nice.  Sunny and dry and a little cooler.  Just about perfect.  No drama , which is good but doesn't lend itself to interesting blogging.

We had a good weekend.  It started on Friday with a movie (Resident Evil: After Life).  I have really enjoyed the Resident Evil series of movies.  When the zombies come, I want to have Alice on my team.  She is way cool.  The producer/director/writers of this movie should be ashamed of themselves.  There was little or no advancement of the plot and they left the good guys in danger of losing their lives at the end.  (We know they were the good guys because they were wearing white; the bad guys were all in black).  I give zombie movies a lot of leeway when it comes to plot and dialogue and things like that but this one was just plain disappointing. 

After the movie, we went to dinner at an Indian restaurant called Coriander.  It's a pretty little place with tangerine walls and lots of pillows in bright colors.  They gave us menus filled with things I had never eaten and I was confused.  It must have showed because a nice woman asked if she could help.  I said I didn't like spicy food (not even a little bit.  My philosophy is that food shouldn't hurt) and didn't know which items on the menu were spicy.  She recommended some things and we ate some pretty little flower shaped crackers while we waited.  The appetizers were chicken and peppers and onions wrapped up and fried.  They were delicious and spicy.  I felt them all the way down to my stomach.  They brought me some yoghurt sauce and that helped but I still ate only a little bit.  My tandoori shrimp was tasty and Pk had a lamb stew which he loved.  We had rice with cumin and carrots and cilantro.  I think I could almost recreate it at home if I can find cumin seeds in a local Indian grocery store. I think we'll go back.  I just have to learn which foods I can eat and which I have to avoid.

Saturday found us on the road to WoodCrafters in Wilmington, Delaware.  Lots of Jerseyites and Pennsylvanians go to Delaware to buy things like cars and appliances since Delaware does not have a sales tax.  I don't know what their income tax situation is like but they have no sales tax. Ours is 7% on everything but food and clothes.  We went there to buy a band saw blade for Pk's bandsaw.  It's the closest place we know of that sells them.  Then we hit the grocery store for the biweekly shopping trip. 

Kate and Patrick invited us for dinner on Saturday so we went and had honey ginger chicken and walnuts with rice.   Patrick cooked it.  We took an ice cream cake for desert.  Everyone loves ice cream cake so it was a safe bet.  Patrick is a lovely man but a very picky eater.  We played cards for a while and then came home and crashed. 

Sunday we finally got to have our Star Wars festival and watched our three favorite movies.  It was a perfect day for it, cloudy and rainy.  We watched Luke save the universe and cheered on the Rebel Alliance.  It was great fun.

I finished a pair of socks for the Christmas pile and picked up a cake of yarn labelled March 09 from the yarn club.  I had forgotten it was in the tote (it really does pay to go through them once in a while).  I saw Amy use it for a pair of socks and I didn't remember it but I loved her socks so I went looking for mine.  Aren't the colors great?  It's called Musique after the painting by Klimt.  I am loving the bright colors.  Just plain socks.  Not sure if they'll become coverings for my tootsies or go into the Christmas pile. 

Other than that, it has been quiet.  I finished watching Torchwood and was struck dumb by the 5 episodes of the 3rd season called Children of Earth.  It made me weep. And it made me angry. It must have been good television since it made me feel. 

It was back to the gym today for our-soon-to-be-regular-again-workouts.  After the past two weeks off, my muscles are sore.  I did my situps with weights and I know my abs will be temder tomorrow.  Even my neck hurts.  It's like starting all over again. 

Have a good week! 


DPUTiger said…
oh, hey! that's me!

I really like my Musique socks. Just haven't had the need to cast on Sock #2. It'll happen by the end of the month, next time I have to take the trolley into town and all of my other projects are too big. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!
Anonymous said…
heh, i have had a week off the gym and am not looking forward to tomorrow. sigh. and a computerless weekend really is such a wonderful thing, and look how much else you got up to!
Bells said…
yes, good television makes you feel. It was a revelation for me to find out that there is good television. It just has to be looked for. There are people out there who care about writing, and communcation and they write good television. torchwood is one of those shows.

Patrick's dinner sounds delicious!
Louiz said…
Sounds like a nice time was had.

Mild curry - try a Korma next time, they're very mild and you can mix yoghurt into it if it's too hot for you (I don't like food that hurts either).
amy said…
I have problems finding Indian food I like for the same reason. I have to investigate different ethnic foods, though, because I keep reading that often that's the best bet for gluten-free food while traveling.

Wondered what you were up to! Glad you had a good weekend.
Jeanne said…
Sounds like a great weekend - and love the new socks!
KnitTech said…
Cumin can be found in the regular spice isle of your local food mart.

Bummer about the Resident Evil, I was looking forward to it, but will wait now.
Sheepish Annie said…
I'm going to wait until RE comes out on dvd before seeing it. It's not about the plot for me, as you know. It's the training value!

I also haven't seen the last Torchwood. I know it's going to be a gut-wrencher since they never pulled any punches before so I've put it off for years now. Someday, I'll be ready for it!

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