Well, we're done with "Earl watch".  We had some ragged looking clouds all day yesterday and humidity you could suck out of the air with a straw but no rain.  The grass is crunchy again and the plants are curling up but I am against watering the lawn so crunchy and brown it will stay.

Here are some of the things I'm working on at the moment.  This is the Knitpicks pattern with the bamboo sock yarn from last months' club selection.  I love the colors and am enjoying the toe up pattern.  Only problem with it is that every row is a charted row and there are just enough different rows that I can't seem to memorize it.  It means that no movie watching while I work on these.

This is a skein of self patterning yarn I can't remember buying.  It's Jawoll superwash.  I started a small pair of socks for my  niece.  They're on 2mm needles and the fabric feels bullet proof but that should hold up to an active 10 year old.  I just love self patterning yarn.

This is the hem of my Wisesweater.  Sandi Wiseheart is having a kal for a yet to be seen cardigan.  It's mostly about how to take proper measurements and how to decide which size to make.  For someone like me who doesn't have a handy knitting posse around, it's helpful.  I put all my measurements into the spreadsheet and voila!  The pattern tells me how many stitches to cast on and where to decrease for better fit.  I chose the picot hem because I like it.  I'm using Knitpicks merino in Hollyberry.  I don't often use dk or worsted weight yarns so this feels different.  It's not too soft while you're working but the swatches (yes, I swatched twice!) washed up nice and soft.

Here is a skein of yarn I spun.  It's corriedale in a pretty garnet color.  It doesn't feel soft as a roving but has nice luster.  Once it's plied and washed, it softens up and blooms beautifully.  It's easy to spin and the color is deep and rich.  I think I'm going to use it for a holiday project.  I have a pattern in mind and I am hoping to have enough yardage when I'm through.

I have a bag of alpaca that we bought last year at the alpaca fest.  I'm going to try washing some of it today so I can play with it.  I have a bag of cream colored wool(?) and a bag of caramel color.  I tried to spin some of it without washing it and my hands and my wheel get so dirty and I get a pile of vm in my lap. 

I woke up today to a gloriously blue sky and lovely sunshine with a breeze and low humidity.  We're supposed to have a whole weekend of this.  I don't know what we did to deserve such perfect weather but I'll take it.  I can hear the bandsaw so I know Pk is ripping down some more tree pieces into boards.  He showed me the walnut pieces he made.  They may be destined to be my wheel.  They have to sit and dry out for a while but the color and grain are beautiful. 

It's laundry day and I have a bedroom to clean and a bed to strip.  And then I'm going to spend some quality time in the sunshine with the wheel. 

Oh, and I bought a single serve lemon pie.  A Tastykake (local baked goods maker) lemon pie.  I love them and don't indulge too often.

Happy Labor Day (whether you belong to a union or not)!


Roxie said…
After Katrina, a lady from Louisiana decided to stay in Portland and opened Sister Sarah's Tasty Cakes. I hear it is a fabulous bakery, but haven't tried it yet. Your tastykake lemon pie reminded me that I intend to go there.

Hooray for glorious weather after the storm. And double hooray that it wasn't the disaster everyone feared! Happy spinning, my dear!
amy said…
It wasn't much up here, either. Some rain that moved through in bands, which was interesting to me, noticing how the huge storm I could see on the satellite image matched up to what was happening right here. It would start to rain a little, then rain heavy, then stop and get almost sunny again. It made me wonder what people thought before we could predict these things and see them on satellite. The huge hurricane here in '38--I wonder, did it rain, then get sunny, and then people went about their business, and then they all drowned? They would have had no idea what was coming. Some people complain about all the hype but I think we're lucky we can see what's coming, even if it's not as bad as feared.
Rose Red said…
mmm lemon pie - one of my favourite treats.

Both socks look fab and I especially love the colour of your Wisesweater - you can't not have a lovely red sweater in your wardrobe!

Hope you have a lovely long weekend.
Kaye said…
Can you believe I've never had any Tastykake anything in the three years we've lived here?

The weather yesterday was lovely and "cool" with that breeze though!
Jeanne said…
It's beautiful here today and I actually had to wear a sweat shirt this morning - it definitely feels like fall already!

Very pretty socks, and I like the start of your sweater - very pretty!

Happy Labor Day!
Alwen said…
The whole swirling storm system did finally bring us some cool air down from the north, a great relief - and then I was cold!
Anonymous said…
oh so many lovely things. sometimes i think self patterning yarn is a gift from the knitting goddess, it makes us look sooo clever! speaking of which, i really need that spreadsheet! your hand spun is just gorgeous too. glad you missed out on Earl, we had a mini hurricane here this weekend and it was a bit scary!
Amy Lane said…
Well, I'm glad Earl stood you up... and the rose colored socks make me hold my breath!

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