Talk about decadent. I am sitting in my pajamas (showered but in my flannel pjs) on my bed enjoying the delicious smells from the kitchen. Peter Kevin declared today pajama day because he has to go to work tomorrow. He is down in the kitchen making omelettes with sausage, cheese and vegetables. I went down to help and he shooed me back upstairs saying "I'll bring it to you when I am done". Breakfast in bed! I have an insulated mug full of chocolate peppermint coffee and a sausage omelette and the Sunday comics. And I didn't have to leave the bed! Lucky me. Oh, and my favorite Christmas ornament. This little lady is one of 4 china angels we inherited from PK's grandfather. They just don't make them like they used to.

I am up to row 9 on the Shaw. It looks like a mess of yarn on a string. I think that's what it's supposed to look like. I have never blocked anything this big so it will be an adventure. I figured out it's about 53,223 stitches. !!! Peter Kevin is already trying to figure out a method for blocking it. I figure he's got a few months to work on it.


Roxie said…
Love that saucy little angel. Your sweetie is a gem! Breakfast in bed is even more of a treat when you don't have to cook it.

All best wishes for the new year.

Blocking? We stopped at an office liquidators and bought a cube divider wall. It lives in the garage and comes out when I'm designing quilts or blocking big things. It loves to have pins stuck into it. I have considered covering it with one inch gingham to make blocking even easier.
gaysknits said…
what a great dsy you're having. enjoy! your holly china is very sweet too!
Sheepish Annie said…
Mmmmm....jammies and breakfast that someone else made! Sounds like a little slice of heaven!
Rose Red said…
I love pyjama day! What a great husband you have there!!

And I love your holly china - I think it should be used for at least the whole month of December!!
Amy Lane said…
Love the little angel too! And what a lovely guy, shooing you upstairs to relax. Gotta love a guy who appreciates that flannel pj's and breakfast in bed are what a girl needs:-)

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