Here is the holiday china pattern that I got for Christmas. It's called Holiday Traditions by Mikasa. It is so lovely and I am already plotting to use it on any holiday I can possibly stretch to include holly. I have china that was my grandmom's that I use for other holidays so this will probably become the christmas/new year china. How decadent is that?

Last night we picked Kate's friend Holly up from the airport. She flew in from Missouri. It was not a smooth trip due to the snow storm in the midwest. They cancelled her original flight and moved her to another one. Fortunately, she got here safely. She also said that after Jan 1, you will no longer be able to take batteries on US flights. Pretty soon, you will have to fly naked so that your clothes can't be used as a weapon.

Today, we took Holly to travel through the woods. This is Kate and Holly standing in a precarious (to me) spot to take a photo. They stopped and took may photos today but I didn't mind. We drove through the puddles (it rained rather hard last night) and the day was a perfect 57 degrees. A bit unusual for December but I'll take it. This is my embossed leaves sock among the leaves. It looks right at home. I am almost finished the second sock and the urge to finish is great. I have not spent any quality time with the shaw. I have done 4 rows. I am not used to such a large project (done on such thin yarn) and it seems to take forever to see any progress. I think once I get into the lace parts it may go faster and I will enjoy it more. For now, I do some and put it down. I don't want to fall asleep working on it and make a mistake.

Anyone make any interesting New Year's resolutions? I have my standard one, to try to be a better person and to engage in less gossip. I will add -to finish the Icelandic Lace Shaw, although I hope it doesn't take the whole year! We will be home, watching movies and eating ourselves silly. Kate and her friends are going galactic bowling. We did that for a few years when the girls were younger and it was lots of fun. Noisy music, food, bowling, swirling mist and strobe lights. What more could you ask for?


Sheepish Annie said…
It's a bit warm here, too. But we have a billion feet of snow so it looks a little weird.

Love the socks!
teabird said…
I don't usually make resolutions, but this year I shall -- I'll post them in a day or two.
Taphophile said…
It's lovely china, Donna Lee - so festive. Your sock is looking great. That blue is so rich. I'm avoiding resolutions.
Bezzie said…
Nice holly-centric post both with the china and the friend!
amy said…
I like your china very much. How nice to have dishes to take out just for this time of year. It makes them special, doesn't it? We have some Christmas dishes--nothing so fine, but they're only out between Christmas and New Year's. Special.

I'm mulling over a New Year's post. I'm not so sure about the resolutions this year, though.
Roxie said…
Ooooo, lovely, lovely china! You can also bring it out to use when Holly comes to visit. Soo pretty! (I collect teacups, so you hit me right where I live with that photo!)

Wonderful shot of the girls!
Amy Lane said…
What a charming picture of the sock--a lovely bright spot in a December day! It's been around 45 degrees here--it feels like we traded weather!

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