Christmas has come and gone. I always seem to reflect on how much preparation goes into one day. But it's all worth it.
The tree got decorated on Christmas Eve and looked lovely in all its holiday finery. There are some ornaments and baubles that belonged to PK's grandfather that we still treasure. Like these glass beads. You can just see them hanging there under the ornament. We cleaned up and put the presents under the tree and then let Em and Kate open a gift, the swifts that PK made for them out of the Lacewood. They are beautiful. The picture is a little burry but you can see how pretty the wood looks. They were so pleased with them. Now, he will start work on one for me. We thought that the wood was giving him a rash when he first started working with it but it turned out to be the lily of the valley (which is a poisonous plant) that he had been separating in the garden beds.
The girls got the gifts they asked for and I , enabler that I am, got Em and Kate both drop spindles and roving. They are busy trying to make their own yarn. Elanor got music and a mandala book and pencils. She finds great joy coloring in the intricate designs and they are beautiful. PK is happy with his mapcorp membership. He loves maps and they will let him download anything he wants for a year. And me? I am the very proud owner of a set of holiday china. I have wanted one all my life and always thought it was too frivolous and indulgent. Now, I own a set and it is beautiful. And today I went to my lys and bought the yarn to make the Icelandic Lace Shaw that I have been wanting to make. I am not a shaw person but this called to me. My family gave me a gift certificate to get the colors I need. I have cast on all 329 stitches and have done all of two rows. It takes a long time to do a row that long! And I will no longer suffer second sock yarn anxiety as I own a scale. Yay!
The day went by too fast and the end was bittersweet. Em has moved out to live in her own home. She and Jim and two others are sharing a house and the move in process has started. She has a new job in a new town and I am happy for her but a little saddened because it signals another end. I think I startled her by telling her to take her stocking with her because it belongs in her home. She wanted to leave a little bit of herself behind. In the end she took it and now next year I will make a new one for her and one for Jim so that they will have stockings at our house for Santa to fill. We also gave her a Christmas book of her own. All in all, it was a lovely holiday. I am off until Jan 2nd. PK has to work on the 31st but probably just for half a day. If this holiday is like others past, it will fly by. I hope you all are having a good time.


Sheepish Annie said…
Mommy Sheep still clings to my stocking like superglue. She says she's just being practical, but I know better. ;) Very responsible of you to know when it was time to let it go.

I love the tree! Mine will stay up for a few more days then I'll find the energy to take it down. If I wait too long then I'll have it in the living room until the Fourth of July...
amy said…
Yes, I made stockings for me and Chris after I made one for Vaughan, because neither of us had one. Our childhood stockings are still in our childhood homes. I didn't realize, until I saw sheepish annie's comment, how odd that is.

Your tree is beautiful. I have some ornaments from childhood on mine, but not many, and none that are older than that. We have none of my husband's childhood ornaments. His mother doesn't let anything go. Which, again, I didn't even think of until I read annie's comment. Hmmm. I am absolutely sure there is symbolism there.
KSD said…
We are having a lovely time. Off to Tennessee in the morning. But still walking around and through wrapping paper and gifts. . . Isn't Christmas marvelous?
Roxie said…
What's the new china pattern? And how very lucky you are to have a spouse that does fine woodwork! those swifts are fabulous family heirlooms in the making. "Patriarch PK made three of them for his wimminfolk, and here they are, preserved in our family for two hundred years!"
Bells said…
oh handmade swifts?! I would think he was the greatest dad in the world if mine did that. How wonderful. It's so nice to see them at last!

And please show a photo of your holiday china? I'd love to see it. I'm sure i'm not alone.

Wow, that shawl is going to be amazing. Keep us updated with your progress.
I love your tree. I enjoyed reading about your wonderful Christmas.
MadMad said…
The tree looks beautiful - I LOVE those beads! I have always been curious about the tradition of putting the tree up on Xmas Eve. We put ours up ASAP to get as many days as possible out of it... though then of course we're sick of it by Xmas, I suppose. the swifts look great. Great job by your husband!
Amy Lane said… know what's really wonderful? You and PK, who started off with a tiny Christmas family and your own traditions have now created such a rich tradidition that your daughter will carry on. Em will never have to worry about not having family and love for Christmas--and you did that! That's really wonderful. (And having read her comments on my blog and yours, I'm betting she'll miss you too!)

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