Pk and I went to the gym this morning.  We were beat last night and decided to put off the workout until this morning.  We were there by 9 and had some breakfast and then he went to help a friend take down the rest of a tree lost in one of the winter storms and then to my brother's to look at another downed tree.  I colored my hair and then I did the laundry and cleaned the bedroom.  The interesting thing here (at least to me) is that the workout has become part of what we do.  While I can feel my muscles (I added some weights this morning), I don't feel all done in.  I feel able to go about my day and do my stuff.  That's a shift.  I've also noticed that I am more careful about what I eat.  I declined desert at one of my favorite Italian restaurants last night.  Tiramisu!  I love tiramisu but didn't want it.  I had a brief thought of all the sweating at the gym and suddenly the million calories didn't seem so appetizing. 

I finished my clue 4 of the Evenstar shawl just in time for clue 5 to come out.  Only two more clues and it'll be done.  I love this thing.  I'm not sure where I'll wear it but I will certainly show it off.  It's such a pretty piece of lace.  I took it to knit night since clue 4 was a fairly easy part and got to show it off for a bit.  It was properly admired.  Once I got the laundry under way, I sat downstairs in the bright sushine and worked on it for a while.  I've done a few rows and so far so good.  I need to take this slow since the life line that I put in at the end of clue 4 has pulled halfway out and the thought of having to reknit the whole clue would break my heart.

Otherwise, the weekend is a normal, chore filled one this week.  I have to go shopping tomorrow but that's it.  The ground is almost dry enough to think about digging up the garden but it's still awfully muddy.  And the temps are more in the normal range today.  Cool and breezy.  The excessive heat this week prematurely wilted the spring bulbs.  Those flowers can stand up to snow but not constant heat.  All the daffodils, hyacniths and grape hyacinths have gone already.  The tulips are blooming but they'll be gone soon if this wind keeps up.  Maybe that's why we like these flowers so much.  Because they're so fleeting.

I gave the Patonyle Go with the Flow socks to Emily for her birthday.  She seemed to like them (what's not to like about handknit socks?).  She's been spinning the silk hankie she bought and has some beautiful scarlet silk yarn to show for it.  I'm working on Pk's "fire socks" as he calls them.  He asked if the foot could be plain and so I'm just knitting around and around in stockinette down the long feet of the socks.  They look great.  Bright but not obnoxiously so.

Not a very exciting weekend around here but like I said before, I like boring.  Boring is underrated and under appreciated.  Work was busy this week and I am enjoying the lack of a schedule.  Pk is playing Left 4 Dead, a zombie killing game.  It's a fairly gory game and I have to try not to keep glancing over at the computer screen.

I hope you are all having a restful, restorative weekend.


Roxie said…
"Down time" is so under-rated! Hooray for weekends when a trip to the gym and some peaceful knitting are the high points. And hooray for the gym time, too! Good on you!!

Good luck with Evenstar! Bravo on your progress!
Jeanne said…
I think having weekends like that - its nice to have a break from a hectic week.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Alwen said…
I like those weekends. It's so good to recharge.
Anonymous said…
seriously, that sounds like the perfect weekend. i have one of those scheduled for this weekend coming, and i will be doing very similar things to you, gym, garden, knitting. perfect! hope you it helps you get through the week.
Bells said…
i'm so glad evenstar is going well for you. So many people have had trouble but you're doing great. I look forward to the day we get to see it done!

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